Gardening tips 2022 — The 50c kitchen staple that banishes pests and slugs from your flower beds

Part three: Misunderstanding ‘pests’

You may frown at the thought of skunks but these stripey creatures are doing your best.

They won’t spray unless they are provoked and will eat insects, mice, rats and crickets if left alone.

Opossums can be left alone while you are at it. They kill small pests just like skunks but also eat snails and venomous serpents.

An opossum will likely find and eat any dead animal found in your yard. This will save you the hassle.

You can also have them eat overripe fruits which can be a great way to improve your garden.

“Because opossums eat berries and other fruit, they can play a useful role as seed dispersers,” Phillips explained.


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