Gabby Windey’s ‘Bachelorette’ Gabby shows off her hand, and fans are freaking out

The stars of The BacheloretteGabby Windey & Rachel Recchia know how leave their fans wanting for more. Two history-making seasons were just concluded by the two women, who are the first to share the experience together. Their social media accounts have been closely monitored by fans for signs that they may be engaged. Rachel Recchia was loved by her fans when she celebrated with a friend who has been a longtime friend.

They popped champagne together when they reunited but some fans believed she was celebrating getting engaged. No one knows for sure, but now fans think they’ve spotted a clue about how Gabby Windey’s season might have ended. The show airs in July, so surprisingly neither girls ending has been spoiled yet, but that doesn’t stop fans from speculating.

What Did Gabby Windey Do in Her Life?

Gabby Windey shared a clip of her hand turning in different directions. She also asked people if they saw any new things. She wore some rings and had long, red nails. It was thought that this hint at an engagement could be understood by fans who wanted it to signify more immediately. According to Heavy, she said she wasn’t trying to get compliments.

The rings weren’t large, just smaller bands. There are two on her ring finger in the new video like the ones she’s worn below. Some fans believed they were holding the place for an engagement ring. She was subtly hinting at this possibility.

Gabby Windey (Insta)

Both Clayton Women wore Shade

Gabby Windey made fun of Clayton Echard in an Instagram post. The caption was added to one of the promos she did with Rachel. “I am in fact in love with three women.”Clayton struggled to choose between Windey and Recchia at the end his season. In the end, he broke up with both Gabby and Rachel to pursue Susie who’d eliminated herself after finding out he’d been intimate with both women.

Gabby Windey, Instagram
Gabby Windey (Insta)

According to Monsters and CriticsRachel made a comment about Clayton’s comments. “I love you the most.”This was when Clayton said to Susie that he loved all three but that he preferred Susie. Fans loved both women’s comments. One fan wrote, “The caption. The queens. The energy. The beauty!!!!! can’t freakin WAIT!”Many fans credit the new season and the two leads for getting them excited to watch the show again. One fan commented, “Omg I kind of can’t wait.. hooked again.”

What do you think about Gabby Windey’s hand flaunting? Do you think fans are reading too much into it, or she’s just enjoying teasing them? What are you most excited about with the new season’s premiere? Leave your comments below and remember to come back to TV Shows AceFor more information Bachelorette news.

Gabby Windey's 'Bachelorette’ Gabby shows off her hand, and fans are freaking out
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