Furious Mother Shouts At Insulate Britain Protestors For ‘Messing With Children’s Educations’


Due to being stuck on the M25 as a result of further Insulate Britain protests, a fuming mother shouted at the campaigners for ‘messing which children’s educations’ by making her child late for school. 

Over recent weeks, the environmental activist group has continued to stage a series of roadblocks across Britain, in a bid to force the UK government to insulate all social housing and take action against climate change.

In blocking multiple roads, such as multiple junctions of the M25, the Dover ferry terminal and most recently, the exit of Old Street roundabout in London, the protestors have been branded as ‘irresponsible crusties‘ by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, dragged off the road by livid drivers and have now even had a shouting at from a mother trying to get her child to school.

Godstone, UK. 13th September, 2021. Insulate Britain climate activists block a slip road from the M25, causing a long tailback on the motorway, as part of a new campaign intended to push the UK government to make significant legislative change to start lowering emissions. The activists, who wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 13th August, are demanding that the government immediately promises both to fully fund and ensure the insulation of all social housing in Britain by 2025 and to produce within four months a legally binding national plan to fully fund and ensure the full low-energy an - (Mark Kerrison/Alamy)Alamy

During the most recent blockage, a mother took to condemning their group for the colossal and widespread effects that their protests were having on other members of the public.

In video footage captured by LBC news, the woman can be heard accusing the group of ‘messing with children’s education’ by ‘only caring about insulating houses’. She branded the activists as ‘selfish’, before telling a reporter on the side of the road that she ‘hoped’ they had got her comments on camera.

‘I think it’s a disgrace, an absolute disgrace,’ she concluded.

Other members of the public were quick to jump in on the debate as to the morality of the protestor’s actions and the disruptions they were causing to members of the public’s daily lives. One wrote: ‘The selfish folk are those driving petrol and diesel cars clogging our lungs with carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates. #InsulateBritain.’

What would you like them to drive instead? Please, provide an affordable but practical alternative. Before you say it – public transport is not practical for everyone, including those of us needing cars for frontline NHS home visits.

A third commented: ‘You tell them!’

Insulate Britain have caused a stir due the contradictory nature of some of the ways they have tried to raise awareness of climate change. From the M25 protests which saw a mother left paralysed as a result of the roadblock, to the face of the campaign admitting to not having insulated his own home, the messages of the activist group may have started off well, but the positive nature of their initial aims has been somewhat reduced.


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