Funeral Set for Valentina Orellana Peralta – Los Angeles

Family attorneys confirmed that the funeral of a 14-year old girl who was struck by a stray shot during a North Hollywood police shooting is set for Monday in Gardena.

Valentina Orellana peralta will be laid to rest at City of Refuge Church at 11:00 a.m. The Rev. Al Sharpton will officiate at the funeral and deliver the eulogy. Family attorneys announced this in a statement. 

Valentina was out shopping for Christmas clothes when she was struck by an unidentified bullet fired from Los Angeles police. The man who was attacking shoppers was killed. Police said that a bullet struck the girl through the dressing room’s exterior wall. 

Valentina died at the scene in her mother’s arms. 

Police were called to Burlington’s store following a report that a suspect was attacking people with a deadly weapon. The weapon was a bike lock and cable.

Police said that officers received reports from an active shooter while they were on their way to the scene. Police did not find any guns at the scene. 

Police released edited video from the body camera and security footage that captured the chaotic sequence of events at the store. The video shows a man attacking people and pulling a woman inside the store. A group of officers with rifles are also seen moving towards the attacker. 

Valentina locked the dressing area door after hearing screams outside, her mother announced at a press conference.

Valentina locked the dressing area door after hearing screams outside, her mother announced at a press conference.

Activists asked if there was any way for officers not to open fire. Meanwhile, the LAPD released shocking video showing the suspect beating a female before being shot by officers. Angie Crouch reports Dec. 27, 2021.

“We sat down on a seat, holding each other, praying, when something hit my daughter, Valentina, and threw us to the floor,” Soledad Peralta said. “And my little girl died in my arms. I couldn’t do anything.”

Daniel Elena Lopez, a 24-year-old suspect, was killed on the spot. The victim sustained moderate to severe injuries including cuts to her face, head, arms, and legs. The victim has not been identified publicly.

Valentina was hit by the round fired by the LAPD officer. He is currently on leave. A representative of the police union said this week that he was complying with active shooter protocols after reports about a shooter in the store.

In a statementLos Angeles police stated that officers didn’t know the dressing area was occupied. Valentina was discovered after the shooting in a search for other attackers.

Last week, the LAPD posted Online video package with edited footageThis included 911 calls and radio transmissions, as well as body camera footage, surveillance video, and surveillance video from the shooting of a holiday shopping center. The department’s policy is to release video from critical incidents, such as police shootings, within 45 days.


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