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Steven Bauer was not married to Melanie Griffith as well as his other spouses, but the relationship he had with Lyda Loudon (a much younger woman) sparked controversy.

Steven Bauer was born in Cuba on December 2, 1956. “Scarface”In 1983. His success in the roles he played in “Ray Donovan,” “Breaking Bad,”And “Queen of the South”His relationships are what made him a celebrity.

After four divorces, and four years of dating a younger woman, Bauer finally found love in Jennifer Brennon. This is everything you need about Steven Bauer’s girlfriends and spouses.

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Bauer’s however, Acting as a careerHis love life is a mystery, although his achievements have been extraordinary. His relationship with Lyda LoudonDue to their large age differences, they sparked controversy.

Loudon, Bauer and their relationship were made public by Bauer at the July 21st 2014 event. “Magic in the Moonlight”Premiere at Linwood Dunn Theater, Hollywood, California. He was 57 years old, while she was 18 at the time.

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She described herself on TwitterAs a journalist, host “Sarcasm Overdose,”Loudon is a music, film, and espresso lover. Loudon describes herself now as a branding, communications and marketing enthusiast.

Some believe age is just an arbitrary number. However, others feel there should be limits, especially when it comes to romance. Relationship between Bauer and Loudon It appears that they have crossed it.

Bauer said that Loudon and Bauer had been criticised over their 40-year-old age gap. However, this was not the case. “anyone interesting”His family loved her and she loved them back.

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The “Scarface”Loudon was also mentioned by star as having something to do with him “special,”She also positively impacted his entire life. She helped him develop healthy lifestyle habits that allowed him to lose 30lbs.

Loudon, the daughter and former Missouri State Senator John Loudon made headlines many times before. Tea Party Youth, a charity dedicated solely to supporting the underprivileged, was founded by Loudon when she was 14. “Tea Party’s future.”

The “Ray Donovan”Jennifer Brennon is currently dating actor


Bauer was a student of Loudon before he became a professor. married four times. His first wife was “Working Girls” star Melanie Griffith. After falling in love while on the set of “She’s In The Army Now.”

Their only child together AlexanderTheir family was established in 1985 by their son,. Although he isn’t an actor, he did write credits in the film of 2013. “Kazoos on First”In 2015, he was a gaffer. “Holding.”

Steven Bauer and Ingrid Anderson were married on September 14, 1989 in Los Angeles. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Unfortunately, Steven Bauer’s wife struggled with alcohol and drugs. They split in 1989 after Bauer couldn’t bear the weight of her issues. Although Bauer and Griffith were not able to come to an amicable agreement, they made good their differences.

Griffith’s 2013 film was premiered with the actors duo taking a photo together “Dark Tourist”Los Angeles: They looked like Good friends.

Steven Bauer and Christiana Boney, his spouse, were married on April 1, 1996, in Los Angeles, California. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Shortly after leaving Griffith Bauer walked down to the aisle with “Hercules”Ingrid Anderson is an actress. They welcomed Dylan in 1990. He became an author and tarot reader as well as a spiritualist.

Anderson and Bauer had a son, but it wasn’t enough to keep them together. They divorced in 1991.

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Christiana Boney, Steven Bauer’s partner after Anderson, was Christiana. They met while Anderson and Bauer were still trying to arrange their divorce.

Although they were married for ten years – his longest relationship – they had no kids together. Bauer and Boney ended their marriage in 2002. Bauer quickly moved on and married Paulette Miltimore. They divorced in 2012.


Loudon and Bauer have split but it isn’t clear when. The “Ray Donovan”Actor is currently dating Jennifer BrennonHollywood Groomer Girl’s founder and owner.

Brennon has been seen at various events and makes frequent appearances on Bauer’s social media pages. We will only know when she will marry Steven Bauer.


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