French Bulldog Stolen at Gunpoint in Downtown LA is Reunited With Owners – Los Angeles

Meech, a Frenchie from France, was stolen in broad daylight in downtown LA. He was returned to his owners on Tuesday.

The pet’s owners reported the dognapping on social media, and said if it ever happens to you, post as much as you can.

On Monday, the owners stated that they were taking out trash and when a man pulled out a gun from a car and pointed it at them. It was around 11:30 AM.

Another man got out of his car as well. 

They demanded that the dog be surrendered to them. According to the owners, Meech has a serious heart condition that requires medication. 

The couple received a call from a woman 24 hours later confirming that she had found their dog. She also sent them a picture.  

They were concerned that it could be a scam and dangerous for their dog, so they decided to take her to a vet near Slauson. Amazingly, their dog was okay.

The couple said you always hear about these things, and never think it’s going to happen to you.


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