Fred Lewis’ Jobs Before Mining: What Hardcore Gold Rush fans Only Know

Fred Lewis was once an Army medic, first as a Green Beret then as a Special Forces Medic. After he left the military, he traveled the globe as a medic before he returned to the Army in 2009. As a medic, his experience was what brought him to firsthand mining. He worked with the crew in the spin-off series. “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” in Papua New Guinea in 2019.

After leaving the military, Lewis returned to school and earned a bachelor’s degree web design and a masters in education. Lewis used the former to get into teaching, becoming a history teacher at middle school, a biology teacher at high school and a rec wrestling coach at high schools. He tried green agriculture but was disqualified in a 2020 interview. military.comHe found that none of his positions were permanent, and, much like many veterans, was still in transition after leaving the military.

Lewis participated in the obstacle course reality series. “American Ninja Warrior,”He competed in the Los Angeles qualifiers in Season 9 of the show in 2017. Although he failed to make it far, he did not let that stop him from returning to Season 10 of the show, this time to compete in the Dallas qualifiers. Ninjaguide).

Lewis lost his job in 2020, which was what gave him the push he needed to become a miner.


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