Fortnite Spider-Man crossover will introduce Mary Jane, Green Goblin, as well as a secret third character

A trusted Fortnite leaker told Fortnite fans that the Daily Bugle would soon be filled with new faces.

@HYPEXThe tibit was shared this week by the Spider-Man NPCs, who will make their debut in Fortnite.


This season, Spider-Man made Fortnite his debutCredit to epic Games

Mary Jane, the web-slinger’s love interest is one of them. The Green Goblin, his archenemy is the other.

HYPEX claims that MJ will sell an unlimited number of Web-Shooters at 400 gold. They sound confident about her appearance.

They are unsure of the Green Goblin’s character, and they say so. “might”One of the three.

This speculation is based on The Foundation’s glider animations as well as Epic’s comment.

In the Chapter 3, Season 1 blog postEpic stated that Fortnite players should “look out for new Spideys (plus a few friends and foes)”During this season.

The Green Goblin may not be as leaky, but the history of Spider-Man and the glider suggest that this is a guess.

The third NPC remains a mystery. HYPEX claims they don’t know the identity of this person.

If the upcoming NPCs will be “friends and foes”One candidate is J. Jonah Jameson Jr., Peter Parker’s boss.

The role of the character has been a fan favorite since J.K. Simmons played it and is now a meme icon.

While none of the above is verified, HYPEX does have a strong track record regarding Fortnite leaks.

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