Food shortages could be solved by new ‘false banana’ and insects – what we’ll be eating in 2050

Both population growth and climate change will be a force for humans to discover new sources of food.

Are you ready to try a new menu for 2050?


The future of food will be from many unexpected places

False banana

The enset is a relative of the banana grown in Ethiopia


The banana that is grown in Ethiopia is related to the enset.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

The enset is “false banana”This Ethiopian crop has the potential to feed more than 100million people.

Atlas ObscuraThe enset is flatbread-like, more like a potato than banana. Different preparation methods yield different textures.

“It’s got some really unusual traits that make it absolutely unique as a crop,”An investigator studying the enset was interviewed BBC.

“You plant it at any time, you harvest it at any time and it’s perennial. That’s why they call it the tree against hunger.”

Other meats

Beyond Meat has scores of products including plant-based chicken even plant-based jerky


Beyond Meat offers a variety of products, including plant-based chicken and plant-based jerkyCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The environment is being impacted by the meat industry. It will make it difficult or impossible to sustain the industry for many decades.

David Kaplan, Tufts University professor, wrote a study in support of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture “As the world population increases to 10 billion by 2050, total food and meat production must rise by 70 and 100%, respectively, to satisfy global demand.”

Alternative meats are now available, according an Survey by the International Food Information Council22% of Americans eat plant-based nuggets or burgers every day.

Kim Kardashian endorses alternative meats. In fact, she was recently appointed Chief Taste Consultant for Beyond Meat.


Mealworms are the edible larvae of the mealworm beetle


Mealworms are edible larvae from the mealworm beetleCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Illegal OatsA brand called, which mixes granola with insects, believes that insects can have a significant impact on sustainable diets.

“The insects Illegal Oats uses, mealworms, contain 56% protein,”They write. “This means that instead of needing to eat meat as the main source of protein in our diets, we can replace that with insects.”

The Food and Agriculture Organization of (FAO). EstimatesIt is estimated that around two billion people already eat insects as part of their daily diet.

The FAO believes that the edible insect industry could be a profitable business. $6.3billionBy 2030 – in just eight years!

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A sustainable diet will help reduce and reverse the impacts of climate change. It may also help eliminate food scarcity.

Products already made available for green-eating must be scaled up to reach critical mass, so humans can not only survive but thrive in 2050.

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