Following Streaming Wars 2: Fans agree on which South Park character has changed the most.

Randy Marsh (Trey Parker), even though he was all nuclear Karen, surprised everyone with a refreshing hint. “South Park”They were unaware of how much they had missed in nostalgia. The end of “Streaming Wars, Part 2,”The personality that saved the day reminded the fans of Emmy-winningSeries reveals how the character has changed over time and how they wish for him to remain the same.

Randy has worked many jobs over the years but he is a true entrepreneur. Geologist at his core. It’s also interesting to note that Randy’s occupation and first name mirror those of his father, who is a voice actor. Rolling Stone. Fans aren’t thrilled about Stan Marsh’s (Parker’s) marijuana arc. Some viewers expressed relief to see him back to his scientific ways.

u/BeardedMario64In a thread, Randy brought up the subject of Randy’s memories of his days as a scientist. “South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2″On Reddit. Many users expressed their appreciation for Randy’s old clips and how they enjoyed them. “We Miss You Randy” song. u/ztrashh commented, “His first non weed obsession in years was the most wholesome thing he ever did.” u/NarmHull added, “I was so happy to see that return, then sad that he had to revert yet again back to Karen Marsh and the stupid weed farm.”

Many fans were unhappy that Randy went Tegridy once again, but they were generally happy to have Geologist Randy back on the show. “South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2,”They can rest assured that it will remain that way, with their fingers crossed.


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