Floyd Mayweather claims he was paid £1.2million to attend press conference

Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, is coming back to Japan in September for an exhibition fight. He has stated that he will be making millions to promote the fight to journalists

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Mayweather is a young man as he trains for the ring

Floyd Mayweather has declared that he was paid $1.5million (£1.23m) just to show up to a press conference announcing his upcoming bout with Mikuru Asakura.

Conor McGregor stopped 50-0’s legend in 2017, but he remained active in the sport, both as a promoter and taking on other opponents at different levels in exhibition fights. In 2018, he faced Tenshin Naukawa, a Japanese kickboxer. He was then challenged by Logan Paul, a YouTuber, and Don Moore, an unbeaten boxer.

He is now heading back to Japan to take on Asakura. Rizin, who co-promoted the event this September, announced the bout in Las Vegas this Week. He is well-known for his extravagant exhibition bouts. In fact, he paid an eye-watering amount to be there at the launch press conference.

“I’m coming to you live,” Mayweather ESNewsAfter the event. “You want to know how much money I got for coming here? 1.5 [million dollars].”

This 45-year-old fighter has shown minimal risk at these exhibitions, and the rulesets are always in favor of him. He stopped Asukawa viciously in 2018, before moving on to make non-decisions against Moore and Paul.

Mayweather had sparred regularly with Moore, 18-0, throughout his career. He was able to play with Moore during their Dubai fight last month. He was also facing Paul, a rookie in Miami last summer, but he wasn’t able to stop him. Paul was allowed to weigh 35lb more than his opponent.

Mayweather will be returning to Japan to take on Asakura in September. Asakura is not a well-known boxer even by MMA standards. These exhibition bouts are what he considers his favorite. “fun”After a long and difficult career.

Floyd Mayweather was given huge money to meet Mikuru asakura.


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“I know that he believes in his skill,”Mayweather made a statement about Asakura during the pre-fight press conferences. “But no fighter that he’s ever been in the ring with is Floyd Mayweather. These other guys are just fighters, but I’m Floyd Mayweather. I’m on a different level. I’m special.

“This guy is not only special, but very special. Like every guy, this guy will give his best. But I’ve seen every style, so my job is just to go out there be me, have fun and do what I do best. I don’t have to watch tapes on my opponents, he needs to watch me. I’m the one to watch. Everyone I meet is an opponent. It’s no different from facing Manny Pacquiao or Canelo Alvarez.

“I had so many great days competing at the highest level. But this is a great feeling now to be able to travel the world and do these exhibition bouts and have fun.”

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