Florida Officer Lost Everything in a Fire at Home. Neighborhood Children Help to Raaise Money for Him

A Florida officer has every reason for gratitude as his children help to raise funds after he was barely saved from a fire.

Josh Rotarius, School Resource Officer, experienced the joy of receiving back from society after years of serving the Maitland community. He was a well-known police officer in the area for his dedication to the Maitland PD Swat Team. However, he was tragically injured in a fire accident a month ago.

His entire life was destroyed by the incident. The residents of Maitland are not content to watch and help him get on his feet again.


Rotarius, who was born July 1, 2022, died in the evening. Worked For eight years, he was a member of the Maitland law enforcement and went fishing. He fell asleep upon returning home and was woken by Null, his silver lab dog.

The whole house was darkened and filled with smoke. The Dommerich Elementary Schools resource officers fled as Null was still inside. He decided to enter the building again and release his dog.

Although the two made it out alive, the officer suffered severe burns to his feet and hands. He also inhaled a lot of smoke and was unable to reach his neighbor to get help.

Lake County Fire Rescue and Mount Dera Fire Department responded quickly to the call. The fire caused a large hole in Rotarius’ apartment and destroyed everything around it.

Other items found in the building that escaped the raging fire ended up water-damaged and the officer left with nothing.

Investigators believe the lightning struck the house and set it ablaze. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. The officer received immediate medical attention and is now recovering.


After surviving the near death encounter and losing everything he owned, the Maitland community decided that they would give back to the community in a small way. To help him get through this moment, several neighbors offered their support by contributing their portion.

The most touching gestureMaddie Moore, 7, led the group of neighborhood kids who helped to bring them together. As a gesture of support, she set up a lemonade stand at the summer with her friend.

Through the stand, they raised $350. They also created a GoFundMe pageHis behalf, which earned him up to $450

Rotarius was surprised with a surprise table, doggie daycare passes, and a bed made from the accrued money. This gesture touched the heart of the officer. He was touched deeply by the gesture. divulged:

“You don’t know how much people care about you until something like this happens. And then a lot of people, even little kids, do something like this to help out, help Null out. It’s amazing.”

This experience taught the officer that he wasn’t alone in his small town. He had neighbors who were willing to help him when life gave him lemons.


Rotarius received a lot of support from his neighbors and officers at the Maitland Police Department.

The officers also made symbolic gestures like growing beards to honor the officer and to thank them for their donations. Rotarius was able to see how his years of service had impacted many lives through these gestures. He Reflect:

“You see a lot of things that are really hard. And you’re usually there to try to fix something. So when it’s other people helping you, you don’t know how to take it at first, but it definitely makes you think you’re doing a good job.”

Since its viral success, the story of the officer who gave his life in service to his community for years and nearly lost his life for his dog touched many hearts.


Many people have used social media to share their deepest sympathies with Rotarius and wish him a speedy and seamless recovery. His bravery and big heart were also appreciated by many, with GoFundme receiving more donations. A Facebook post Please read:

“Officer Rotarius is the best. Shari, all our CCI dogs who know him (Negri, Giorgio, Nesley, Hem) send best wishes for a full and speedy recovery—both physical and for all his property.”

Other netizens gave the thumbs-up to the children for their kindnesses towards a public servant and did what they could.

These touching stories are a reminder to others that there is kindness still in the world.


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