Five stupid packing mistakes are a common occurrence for me as a flight attendant

FLIGHT attendant reveals the 5 biggest packing mistakes that passengers often make.

Cici often shares her tips on her TikTok account Cici In The Sky, and has since revealed some of the silly things travellers do.


A flight attendant shares her big packing tipsCredit: Alamy

She shared her top travel tips with passengers, as revealed by Insider These will keep your luggage lighter.

1. A bag that is too heavy to carry

Although you might want to make the most out of your luggage allowance you should also ensure that you can actually lift it.

Cici stated that she saw many passengers carry large suitcases ontoboard and then struggle to get them into overhead lockers.

Do not expect flight crew members to assist you. Most are not permitted due to safety and health concerns if they are injured.

2. Don’t keep essentials out of reach

Common mistake made by passengers is to pack all your essential items for the flight (e.g. headphones and book) in your luggage.

You will need to put them in the overhead locker.

Cici said: “People put things that they need on the plane — like their book and their earbuds or whatever they’re going to need — inside their suitcase, and it’s not easy to access.”

Instead, you can get a smaller bag, and place it below your feet. This will save you from having to constantly get up.

3. Do not pack liquids in an incorrect way

Nothing is worse than opening up a suitcase to find an exploded suncream cream bottle inside.

How can you avoid this? Cici recommended that you squeeze as much air from the bottle as you can.

Screw-on caps are better than snap tops if you’re flying with small bottles.

4. Forgetting snacks

Although long-haul flights offer meals, many shorter-haul flights have reduced the amount of food they serve.

Recent developments have seen some airlines halt their operations, meaning that no food was served.

Cici also said that crew may not be able get up to you if there’s a lot of turbulent.

Keep a few snacks on hand for emergencies like apples and nuts to avoid becoming hungry during your flight.

These are the foods you may be allowed to eat at security.

5. Packing heavy items

You don’t need to pack your boots and coats if you want your suitcase to be light. Instead, wear them.

Cici stated that she was frequently shocked by passengers who chose to wear light clothing through airports, even though they were only carrying hand luggage. She advised them to wear their heavier clothes instead.

According to the flight attendant, she is very strict about following her rules. She once wore a jacket, jumper, and boots on a flight from Florida, even though it was balmy outside.

Wearing your heavy items and having bottles explode in the suitcase can cause problems when packing


When packing, don’t forget to pack your heavy items. Bottles can explode in your suitcase.Credit: Alamy


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