Five ‘inappropriate’ outfits that got passengers kicked off flights in 2021 from showing too much cleavage to crop tops

It can be difficult to choose the right airport attire, taking into consideration comfort, style and whether you will get kicked off the plane.

Despite chaos in the travel industry this year, some flight attendants seem to have gone above and beyond to enforce their clothing policies.


We take a look back at some of these outfits that got passengers to their plane this yearCredit to Alamy

After being told that their outfits were inappropriate, several women shared horror stories about their holiday nightmares. “inappropriate”.

Five shocking stories of passengers on 2021 flights who were thrown off planes for wearing the clothes they chose were taken into consideration.


Catherine Bampton, 23, was 'humiliated' by employees who berated her for 'showing too much skin'


Catherine Bampton (23), was called ‘humiliated by her employees for’showing to much skin’

Another female passenger was prevented from boarding her flight by the pilot because of her dress. “showing a lot of skin”.

Catherine Bampton, a 23-year-old Australian woman, was wearing a halter neck blouse when she tried to catch a Virgin Australia flight leaving Adelaide on January 13, 2021.

But she was then stopped, and she left “publicly embarrassed”by the female employee.

She said: “She told everyone in front of everybody that the pilot refused to let me board the plane due to the clothes I was wearing.

“I was in so much shock and was so confused because my clothes weren’t revealing. It was embarrassing and humiliating.

Miss Bampton said that she was told what was wrong about her outfit when she asked. “the pilot doesn’t like people showing too much skin”.

She added: “I asked her if you couldn’t show your arms and back and she didn’t know what to respond.

“Everyone else waiting to board the plane was sitting there watching […] and you could see they were staring in shock with their mouths open.”

She was allowed to board the plane only if she wore a jacket.

Sun Online Travel spoke with a spokesperson for Virgin Australia, saying that the dress guidelines for our aircraft are identical to those of other airlines in Australia. The vast majority of people who fly with Virgin Australia meet or exceed these standards. 

“As Australia’s most loved airline, it’s always been our intention that those who travel with Virgin Australia feel welcome and have a comfortable journey. 

“We are undertaking a review of the incident and have proactively tried to reach out to her to better understand what happened. We’re also reminding frontline team members of our dress code requirements for guests.”


OnlyFans Model Isabelle Eleanore was forced to wear a high vis vest for her flight


Isabelle Eleanore of OnlyFans was forced into wearing a high visibility vest to fly.

This OnlyFans model was left “humiliated”After airline employees claimed that her crop top was too small, she was told to cover up for a flight. “inappropriate”.

Isabelle Eleanore, a passenger on a flight from Australia’s Gold Coast to Melbourne, was being told off by a cabin crew member in February.

The Instagram star claimed that she had met eight other Jetstar passengers before she boarded, but was told that her black crop top with jeans was inappropriate.

She remembered: “I walk onto the plane and show me my ticket, then the woman goes.” ‘oh, do you have a jumper?’

“I’m like no I don’t have a jumper, expecting her to be like, ‘you’re going to be really cold’.”

The crew member shocked her and told her: “‘You can’t fly wearing a bikini’,”To which she responded, “It’s not a bikini, it’s a top.”

Isabelle was then told that she couldn’t fly without her pilot’s license. “covering up”Because her top was too small, she was required to wear a high visibility vest.

After several calls, she said that the flight attendant brought back a high vis vest to make her visible – gesturing to her chest. ‘more appropriate’. 

Isabelle, who was travelling with her husband, Jeremy Szwarcbord, continued: “Then I have to walk all the way to aisle 26 wearing a high-vis vest.

“And she was like, I’m really surprised no one said this to you at the terminal.She looked at me like she was disgusted.

“I didn’t know how to deal with it and I didn’t want to get kicked off the flight so I was like I’m just going to do what she says.”

The model fumed: “If I had small breasts they wouldn’t have said something.”

Jetstar later apologized to Isabelle for the way they handled the situation.


Deniz Saypinar was kicked off her flight back in July for wearing shorts and a crop top


Deniz Saypinar, who was wearing shorts and crop tops on her July flight, was kicked off her flight.

Staff said that a glam bodybuilder would not be allowed to board a plane after she wore a dress that was too revealing. “disturb families”.

Deniz Saypinar tried to help her. American AirlinesA pair of jeans shorts and a brown tank top were worn on the flight from Miami to Texas, July 8. She also wore a white blouse around her waist.

However, she was rebuked by her employees who criticized her outfit and claimed that she looked terrible. “naked”.

According to the Turkish social media star, she was in tears while sharing her story with her 1.1million Instagram followers.

She explained that she likes to wear feminine clothes that reflect my femininity but that she never dresses in a way which offends anyone.

“I am mature and well-informed enough to know what I should and shouldn’t wear. I am not the worst person on the planet for wearing denim shorts.

“What is the main difference between us, animals and humans? If we can’t control our primitive impulses even slightly?

“I feel insulted. They wouldn’t let me on the plane because I wore these shorts in the United States,”She added.


Sierra Stedman shared her story on TikTok after being called out for her clothing by Alaska Airlines


Sierra Stedman, who was called out by Alaska Airlines for her clothing, shared her story through TikTokCredit: @sierrasteadman/Tiktok

An Alaskan Airline flight attendant humiliated a young woman in public.

Sierra Stedman also shared the story in a series TikTok videosAfter wearing a black croptop, grey hoodie, and shorts to travel, these photos have been viewed over 5,000,000 times.

In a Video which Sierra filmed right after the unpleasant experience, she can be seen uncontrollably crying and clearly shaken up.

She writes: “I’ve never felt more degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry or sad. F ALASKA AIRLINES!!!”

Sierra captioned the video: “When the flight attendant shames you in front of the whole plane and threatens to kick you off for what your wearing.”

Sierra claims that the flight attendant grabbed her arm when she tried to walk off because she was screaming in her face.

After she had previously agreed to have her hoodie on the plane, she said that this was the result.

Sierra also said: “Outfit appropriation set aside, there was no reason to physically & verbally assault me & humiliate me especially when I complied with her request.”


TikToker Ray Lin Howard claims she was discriminated against for being 'fat'


TikToker Ray Lin Howard asserts that she was discriminated because of being ‘fat.Credit: Twitter

One woman claimed she was discriminated because she is a woman “fat, tattooed, mixed-race woman”After being kicked from a flight for wearing crop tops.

TikToker Ray Lin Howard says she was escorted off an Alaska Airlines flight and interviewed by police after a row erupted over her “inappropriate” outfit.

She claimed she was constantly reminded of this. “harrassed”Employees raised concerns about her crop top, and shorts. Then she shared a viral video of her sitting down with officers.

Ray shared that she was wearing a sports bra when she got to her seat. A flight attendant asked Ray to change to a shirt, which she did.

For the September flight, 33-year old was wearing a pink leopard print croptop with short sleeves and a crew neck.

“Then they approached me again, saying I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing, and it’s inappropriate,”She went on.

After Ray was approached for the third consecutive time, staff called the cops.

She said: “If you’re going to kick me off, kick me off. I’ve done what you asked me to do. I want you to leave me alone.”

According to the recording artist she felt like she was being listened to. “discriminated against for being a fat, tattooed, mixed-race woman, which in turn left me full of emotions like anger, disappointment, helplessness, humiliation, and confusion”.

“Throughout my life as a fat person, I’ve had to deal with fatphobia, especially growing up in the Midwest, but not to this degree,”She added.

After Ray explained the situation to them, Ray didn’t seem to have committed any crimes.

She later revealed in another TikTok video that the airline had called her to apologize and offered a discount code for future purchases.

After I was positive for Covid during flight, I was kept in a plane toilet for five hours.


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