Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded for Nearly 2 Hours in LA River – Los Angeles

After nearly two hours of being stranded in cold water, a San Fernando Valley dog was left in its plight by firefighters Monday at the Los Angeles River.

Los Angeles Fire Department units established multiple rescue points along Los Angeles River to assist a woman with her dog who was found in the water close to the Sepulveda Dam. Although the woman was saved, crews continue to search for the dog which drifted south along the San Fernando Valley river channel.

It was found in shallow water at Studio City around 4:45 p.m.

After rescuers attempted to rescue the dog on Monday, the dog began to drift downstream. The dog was rescued by rescuers on Monday, but a passerby went into the river to save it.

The dramatic scene led lookiloos from across the street to take in the action from their overpasses. A rescuer from Los Angeles Fire Department was initially lowered into the water via a helicopter. But the dog quickly escaped the rescuer’s grip.

One man was seen in Studio City jumping into the river and holding onto the dog as they floated down the river. As he was pulled from the water by the LAFD helicopter rescue team, he lost his grip on the dog.

Although the dog was not in deep water, it was able to walk with the current in a flood channel that had high concrete walls. According to firefighters, the water was moving at a speed of 5-10 mph.

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As lookiloos watched from overpasses, the dog trotted along the river in ankle-deep water.

One man ran alongside the riverpath with a large tree branch. Sometimes he leant over the river bank and extended the branch as if the dog could grab it.

A man lifted one leg, and a second held it.

Rescuers tried to rescue the dog from a dry spot by the river, but the dog reacted.

The rescuers saved the dog by placing him in shallow water close to CBS Studios, Studio City.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the man and woman were hurt. It was not immediately clear how they got into the river.


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