Firefighter Dies After Rancho Palos Verdes Fire – Los Angeles

Los Angeles County firefighter John, father to two young sons, died from injuries sustained during a Rancho Palos Verdes Fire.

At 2:20 a.m., firefighters were summoned to Tarapaca Road Block 30700. There was an attic fire at the single-family house.

The firefighter was transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Janice Hahn of Los Angeles County said that the firefighter was dead.

“They were able to save the family inside, but tragically, one of our own Los Angeles County Firefighters lost his life in the effort,”Hahn claimed. “This is devastating and my prayers are with his wife and two young sons as well as his friends and colleagues in the Fire Department and everyone that knew and loved him. His bravery and sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

Hahn called it “a” at a morning news conference. “sad, tragic day” for Los Angeles County.

The name of the firefighter has not been released by the department. Torrance was visited by fire trucks and other vehicles from the department.

Investigators are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

Anthony Marrone, Interim Chief, stated that the firefighter had been inside the house when he was overwhelmed by smoke and fire.

“He put out a mayday for assistance from other firefighters,”Marrone stated. “They were capable of finding him and rescuing him.

“He lost his life battling that fire to save somebody’s property.”

The firefighter passed away at the hospital.

According to a member of the sheriff’s department, arson investigators were on the scene along with other agencies. He stated that the case is not being considered criminal.


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