Finn Comes To At Crucial Moment

The Bold and the BeautifulHe has been astonished by the week that passed. John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), has returned to life! Fans are pumped to see that Finn, in fact, isn’t dead after all. Reaction over Finn’s return is nothing short of great news. This plot is a great example of what’s to come.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’Li hides Finn

Many are making these changes. PredictionsAbout The Bold and the Beautiful’It was a shocker story. Watching Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) caring for her son while he lay in a hospital bed proved he wasn’t murdered. So many questions and not enough answers — yet, anyway. Sheila Carter is being held in jail for Steffy Forrester’s attempted murder (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Steffy tells Li that Sheila Carter, Kimberlin Brown, shot them. Steffy tried to get Li to organize a memorial service for Finn. Li refused. She couldn’t bolt out of Steffy’s fast enough … leaving her daughter-in-law confused. Steffy suspects that something is up.

On Monday’s episode of The Bold and the BeautifulLi talks to her young son about how she feels. “saved”He knows Sheila shot Finn. The protective mother reassures Finn he’ll never be harmed by his birth mother again. However, she’s not all that fond of the Forrester family, either. She believes that the “baggage” Steffy’s family comes with is partly to blame for what happened. If it wasn’t for them, Sheila wouldn’t have showed up again.

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What can Finn do to get out of his coma?

What time will Finn arrive? You can imagine the aftermath when this happens. Steffy, as diehard fans will know, will be absent from the screen for a while. MacInnes Wood recently had her third child, and will be taking maternity leave. In the meantime, Finn’s character will continue. It’s hard to know where The Bold and the BeautifulThis is the direction that writers are taking, but it exudes intrigue and drama.

It’s unknown if Finn will reunite with Steffy sooner or later. Some stories can drag on.

What will spark a change in Finn’s coma? Li’s love and devotion to him will certainly play a role. In soap land, anything is possible. One speculation not brought up is what it’ll take for Finn to wake up. A twist may come in which Finn senses something in his mother’s words.

As Steffy said, he may not have clear memories at first. As he recalls the night he saved his wife from being shot, the mention of Sheila will have an impact on his memories. His love for Steffy alone will drive him to reunite. Many fans believe Finn will attend his own funeral. The Bold and the Beautiful episode may show Li at the memorial as to not cause any more suspicion on her absence — which she’s been throughout most of the story line. While she’s there, Finn will appear out of the blue and reunite with Steffy.

We hope viewers find out sooner rather than later.

Finn Comes To At Crucial Moment
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