Find out Why Social Media Caused a Fight Between Steve & Noi

MAFS Season 14 was full of drama. All of the couples seem to have experienced a lot of problems. Among all the couples, Steve Moy, Noi Phommasak, have been the most stable. This doesn’t mean they haven’t had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the season. One of their battles was about social media. Continue reading to learn more.

MAFS Couple Steve and Noi argue over social media

ScreenRant What happened?Between Steve and Noi Married at First Sight. It appears that Steve was upset by something Noi posted. What is the story?

Noi is constantly mad at Steve for not being able to get a steady job. Fans seemed to get her point of view. Some think perhaps he has a large savings account which is why he’s not concerned about finding a job immediately. Others believe she could be right and should be worried.

While fans tended to take Noi’s side for the job argument, many took Steve’s side for the social media disagreement.

Via YouTube, Noi and Steve

It seems when Noi burned Steve’s noodles and left their shared apartment without giving him any warning, it caused more issues. Noi took to social media to post a cryptic message that made Steve mad. These posts seemed to be about their marital status and suggested that she deserved better.

Noi set her Instagram to private so that only her less than 500 followers would be able to see her story. Steve was still unhappy that Noi was sharing intimate information about their relationship.

She claimed the post didn’t mention his name. Steve countered that the post was implied and that she was still sharing her personal information. Noi believed that he was telling Noi what information she could post.

Find out Why Social Media Caused a Fight Between Steve & Noi

They are headed where?

Many wonder if Steve and Noi will be broken even though they have been the most successful couple in the season. The MAFS A couple has much to do before they can make a decision.

Both have very different communication styles. Noi is more inclined to run away than Steve, and wants to quickly resolve their problems.

Will they be in a position to make things work and stay together? Keep checking to see if they are able to work things out and stay married. Soon, the decision day will be here.

What do you think of Steve and Noi? What do you think about Steve and Noi?

Stay tuned for more information.




Find out Why Social Media Caused a Fight Between Steve & Noi
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