Ferrer is facing claims of conflict-of-interest as L.A. County closes in on a possible return to the mask mandate

Barbara Ferrer, Public health director in Los Angeles County is facing increased controversy as the county prepares for an indoor mask mandate to be reinstated.

Julie Hamill, an attorney for the Alliance of Los Angeles County Parents sent a warning letter to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, warning that if there is a return of the mask mandate for L.A. schools children, she will file suit.

Hamill wants Ferrer’s supervisors to step in.

“They can put a check on Dr. Ferrer’s power. They are not required to implement whatever policies she recommends,”Hamill stated.

Hamill’s request comes as Ferrer defends her failure to disclose that her daughter co-authored a study that the CDC and local officials have used to support masking in schools.

Jennifer Van Laar, editor of RedState.com, a conservative website, reported on what she believes is Ferrer’s conflict of interest.

“When it comes to affect policy and affect children … Then that needs to be known. People can make their own judgment,” Van Laar said.

Ferrer was asked by KTLA about possible conflicts of interest.

“I did not participate in this project, so I did not disclose anything because I was not part of this research study, at all, had nothing to do with it … I think the public knows what they need to know,”Ferrer was able to respond.

Ferrer claims that an indoor return to masking is just eight days away.


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