Fed Up ‘Jeopardy’ Fans Want LeVar Burton Back, Why?

Jeopardy!Fans are tired and frustrated. As Television Shows Ace previously reported, they’re tired of seeing Mayim Bialik make mistakes on the show week after week. Many have wondered when Ken Jennings would return. Now, there’s a new slew of fans who are sick of both hosts. Continue reading to find out why LeVar Burton should return.

Who will be the new host Jeopardy?

Fans are eager to find out who will be the next permanent host Jeopardy!They should do so before the End of Season 38. The producers had previously hinted that this could be the case. “soon.”They also indicated that they may need more hosts to keep up with the ever-growing franchise.

There are several spinoffs. However, producers wouldn’t share the details of the shows, including how many hosts they have in mind. For most of Season 38, Ken Jennings has been the host and Mayim Bialik has taken over. Bialik hosted her eighth consecutive week amid Jennings’ extended hiatus.


Who is LeVar Burton?

LeVar Burton was the host of the classic children’s show, Reading Rainbow. He was also a Jeopardy! favorite. Social media users rallied behind Burton to be the guest host of Season 37. Burton eventually applied for the job. His episodes were shown during the Olympics, which was against Burton.

Burton talked about his experiences hosting the popular game show. He criticized Mike Richards, the former executive producer for tilting it in his favor. Though Burton is salty about what happened, he’s remaining positive. He believes that all things work out for a reason.

LeVar Burton Hosts Jeopardy [YouTube]

Why his fans want him back

Some Jeopardy!Fans are sick of Ken Jennings as well as Mayim Bialik. They feel that both hosts should be fired. They’re begging for LeVar Burton to become the new host of the show. Some fans feel he’d be a perfect replacement for Alex Trebek.

“I missed when LeVar Burton did it but how did he fare?”One fan asked Reddit. “Was he good at it? He was my first choice.”

“Neither. [LeVar] Burton is the best choice here,”One fan replied.

“Only way I would ever watch that show, LeVar,”One third of the words are used, and another fourth is added. “I’m still solidly on team LeVar.”

Unfortunately, Burton won’t be invited back. He was invited back to host another popular TV show. He hosted another popular show, The Star TrekThe 2022 Olympics were hosted by actor Scripps National Spelling Bee. In the meantime, Jeopardy! fans found out that Jennings could return on Monday, July 18. A fan shared a screenshot Twitter of their weekly TV listings which revealed Jennings’ name.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think should host the new show? Jeopardy? Is LeVar still missing you? Comment below.

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