Father Killed in Front of Family During Car Sale in Westmont – Los Angeles

Authorities said that a father who saw a car for sale online, took his family with him to buy it. However, three men demanded the money, and then killed him.

Initial responses by the deputies were to what they thought was a traffic signal in the Budlong or 109.TH Street area of Westmont in South Los Angeles Friday around noon.

LA County Deputies located the victim with a gunshot wound.

According to the coroner, Eugenio Páz, 52 years old, was identified publicly. The cause of his death was blunt force trauma, and the city where he lived was not available.

Lt. Derrick Alfred stated that the victim came to the car sale with his daughter, wife, and grandchild in order to purchase a car.

After he arrived, he began to negotiate with the attackers, but they tried to rob his house. He fought back.

Deputies stated that one of the attackers pulled out a gun and fired. The victim was then forced to stumble into an intersection, where he was hit by another vehicle.

Deputies later found that the car he was trying and buy had been reported as stolen.

The attackers fled the crime scene.

Although the victim was not yet identified, deputies stated that he was a hardworking man who was lured into a trap.

Any children who witnessed the traumatizing crime would receive counseling at Westmont Elementary School.


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