Fatal Shooting by San Bernardino Police Not Justified – Los Angeles

The attorney representing Rob Adams’ family, 23 years old, stated Wednesday that San Bernardino police shot him and then killed him.

Ben Crump, civil rights lawyer, spoke out at a news conference about the weekend shooting.

“It’s the most cowardly type of murder to shoot a person in the back multiple times,”He stated. “We see young white men who have been confirmed mass murderers, but you don’t see the police getting out of their cars and shooting at black people.

“Look at the video and acknowledge for yourself what this police officer did was wrong, wrong, wrong. There’s no justification for it.”

Late Tuesday night, San Bernardino Police Chief Darren Goodman published a video edited from the officers’ bodies cameras. Two officers were watching a parking lot near an illegal gambling enterprise after receiving reports that a man was carrying a gun.

“The officers exited the vehicle and gave Adams verbal commands but he immediately ran toward two parked vehicles with the gun in his righthand,”Goodman said. “Seeing that he had no outlet- they believe he had intended to use the vehicle as cover to shoot at them.”

The chief claims that Adams was holding a gun to his right. Police said that the gun was loaded, but not fired during the confrontation.

Adams’ mother claims that Adams was using a cellphone. She claims that he was talking to her on the phone about his new car at the time of the shooting.

“And all I heard after that was gunshots,”Tamika King spoke. “He never told me goodbye.”


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