Fans Tell Teresa Giudice To Run After Freaky Video Of Fiance

Bravo fans want Teresa Giudice, her fiance Luis Ruelas, to run. An online video of him has surfaced. The video was first posted on Reddit in June 2021. Fans were curious about Luis’ intentions and the alleged footage.

The video was made during Warrior Camp. Per Screen RantLuis, a shirtless man, is seen on the beach along with several other men. But, the focus wasn’t them. Luis was apologizing for her and professing his love to his ex. Some viewers are calling the video “The Video”. “bizarre” “deranged.”

Luis Ruelas is shirtless and begs for his ex

Luis is almost unmistakable in his photo. He is often clean-cut, well-dressed and stylish in his Instagram posts. In this video, however, he appears shirtless and untidy. He’s surrounded by a group of shirtless bald men who look angry. This is Warrior Camp.

“It’s getting weird…I’m concerned Teresa,”Reddit was titled by the fan. ThreadIt was at that time.

Luis apologizes to a woman in the video for his past “mistakes.”He should speak from his heart, not his head, according to the men “brain.”Luis also apologizes that he did not speak his native language “truth.” The person filming the video tells him to feel the woman’s “pain”And to keep your word.

[Credit: Teresa Giudice/Instagram]

Many people shared their opinions on the video via the comments section. Many of them were concerned about Teresa’s well-being. They don’t think this is normal behavior. Some joked about it, while others expressed concern.

  • “I feel like this is what they show at the beginning of an episode of Dateline.”
  • “What the F did I just watch???? Run Teresa RUN!!”
  • “This will be absolutely re-enacted in Dirty John Season 3.”
  • “What in the Dirty John is this?! I’m uncomfortable.”
  • “Why does everyone look so angry in this video.”

What was Teresa Giudice’s secret?

The video has gone viral on social media. Many are curious about what Teresa Giudice did. Their relationship could take a dark turn if they don’t follow through with their wedding. Teresa was encouraged by fans to get out of his way as soon as possible.

This video is a red flag for them. This happened after Teresa Giudice set off on her Aspen ski vacation with Luis Ruelas. The Real Housewives of New JerseyStar shared many love-up photos via her Instagram grid. Yet, some fans weren’t feeling the love. Some fans feel Teresa is far too distant from her youngest children.

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She won’t let people ruin her happy bliss. The RHONJSeason 12 trailer. She warned her castmates not too “pop her love bubble.”Fans are hopeful that Teresa will see the good in Luis and end their engagement. They’re only looking out for her and want to see her happy.

What do you think about that bizarre video? Are you a believer that Teresa Giudice should end her engagement to Luis? Comment below. Stay tuned TV Shows AceFor more information on Teresa Giudice.

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