Fans See Suspicious Details In Kim and Barry Plath’s Divorce

Plathville is your home fans have discovered a suspicious detail in Kim and Barry Plath’s divorce. What’s the status of their split after the Plathville is your homeThe Season 4 Finale? Continue reading to discover what fans discovered.

Plathville is your home Season 4 Finale: Kim & Barry Plath Move Forward

During the Plathville is your home In the Season 4 finale, Kim Plath and Barry Plath made it clear to their children that they were moving forward with their divorce. The family also discussed their future living situation but didn’t come to a final decision on who will move out and where the kids will live.

However, because this was in the season finale, viewers didn’t get to see the next steps for Kim and Barry Plath and their family. According to the finale details, it appeared that Kim and Barry would be divorcing. Fans are now suspicious that the split was not for the show, but a little more research revealed that it could have been.

Fans find odd details about the Divorce

On RedditPlathville is your home fans are discussing Kim and Barry Plath’s divorce and whether it’s legitimate. Fans have doubts that the divorce storyline will ever be told.

A couple of fans pointed out that the couple still hasn’t filed for divorce, according to public records. One fan wrote, “I think there’s a 75% chance they’ll actually get divorced-Kim said that they would probably finalize it at the end of the summer so it’s coming up…I checked today but they hadn’t filed yet.”

The following is an extract from the Grady County Clerk of CourtsThere has not yet been a divorce filing. There are a couple of filings under Kim and Barry Plath’s names, but those are from 2017 for their children’s birth certificates.

Grady County Clerk of Court, Kim and Barry Plath

It’s possible that Kim and Barry Plath are still in the process of filing for divorce or working out the details between themselves and their children. But fans think it’s odd that they haven’t done so already, especially due to filming and production time. This would have been possible, fans thought.

Kim and Barry Plath

Do you think this means that the divorce is not real? Or do you think there’s another reason Kim and Barry Plath simply haven’t filed for divorce yet? Leave your comments below and please come back to TV Shows AceMore Plathville is your home news.

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