Fans of ‘The View” Thank Sunny for Shutting down Newbie Alyssa

The View fans are still in shock over ABC’s hiring decision. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Alyssa Farah Griffin took over Meghan McCain’s seat after she quit last year. The network hired President Donald Trump’s former communications director.

Though the host they hire is conservative in their views, fans were hoping for someone who isn’t controversial. They couldn’t believe the network didn’t announce their decision a few weeks or days ahead. Just a day before, the daytime talk show announced the news.

Alyssa was seen sitting in the same spot on Wednesday, July 27, shocking many. They demanded a boycott. Now, they’re thanking Sunny Hostin for shutting the new girl down. Find out why.

[The View | YouTube]

Alyssa Farah Griffin joins The View

The ViewThis week saw a significant cast change. Alyssa Farah, Griffin joined the talk show as the permanent co-host. She is also a conservative political commentator. According to reports, she brings an alternative perspective to the show. On Thursday’s broadcast, the co-hosts took part in the current “Hot Topics” segment.

One of the topics was the agreement reached by politicians on a tax bill, the Inflation Reduction Act of 20,22. The bill was discussed by the co-hosts. Alyssa Farah-Griffin was open to sharing her views. She started by saying that she likes moderates because they’re the ones who get the job done.

The View Discuss Hot Topics [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

She was concerned about the bill. She admitted that there’s an economic decline, but the Senate doesn’t want to come out and say that. Alyssa stated that both the Senate Democrats and the White House are being “too cute for a half.”Then she stated that the Inflation Reduction Act will only increase taxes.

Joy Behar interrupt Alyssa to inform her that “Corporations only and people who make over $400,000”The tax burden will be the most severe for them. Alyssa argued that corporations will put that money back into the people’s pockets.

Sunny Hostin has a heated argument with Alyssa

Sunny Hostin wasn’t feeling the new The View co-host. Alyssa was stunned when she said that corporations keep most of the profits for themselves and take most of it. The ViewSunny received cheers from the crowd as she corrected Alyssa. Alyssa tried to explain it, but she failed. “fears”About the new bill.

“You know this never works. Republican economy policy never works to make wealthy people richer,”Sunny interrupted Sunny and said, as the crowd continued cheering.

Sunny Hostin Argues With Alyssa Farah Griffin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

“Respectfully, right now. My family is very middle class,” Ashley explained. “Groceries they can’t afford. They’re filling their gas tanks halfway and not all of that is on Joe Biden, but the economy is not looking good under democrats right now.”

Fears the new cohost that it will “lead to more unemployment if you’re taxing corporations higher.”Joy reminded Alyssa of that “the air we breathe is more important.”Sara Haines tried her best to be the mediator and end all the arguments. They continued to argue and she was tempted to offer her opinion.

The ViewSunny Hostin is cheered by fans

The ViewTwitter was used by fans to express their disapproval of the debate. Sunny was the most popular vote. They expressed their gratitude to her for shutting down Alyssa. Others feel that the new co-host should be more educated about political issues.

  • “#TheView Thank you, Sunny. Educate Alyssa Farah. Thank a Democrat as well for all of this.”
  • “Ok, Alyssa. Bye!”
  • “WTH Is Alyssa talking about?”
  • “As long as Alyssa is on, we won’t be watching.”
  • “Exactly Sunny! You tell her!”
  • “Thank you Sunny and Sara for just jumping in and stopping Alyssa with her standard BS GDP talking points. Do not let her get away with the lies.”

What are your thoughts about Alyssa and her family? Do you think she’s a good fit for The View? Or do you think she should be fired? Comment below.

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