Fans of ER Episodes Always Rewatch

Despite the fact “ER”It ended its historic run in 2009 but remains a topic of conversation on certain parts of the Internet. You can take this example. r/ERShow appears to welcome a thriving community of “ER” fans. Some fans. “ER”Season 8 Episode 21 (TV) is an absolute must-see for fans.”On the Beach”It is so sad. 

An episode in which Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), dies from a brain tumour is featured. Mark is accompanied by his daughter Rachel (Hallee Hirsch), who teaches him how to surf and drive a car. Mark has a seizure that leaves him bedridden. He is able to spend his final hours together with his daughter and offer advice on how she should live their lives. “generously.” Sadly, Mark dies in his sleep while listening to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

“I don’t watch Mark’s funeral and I usually skip ‘At the Beach,'”one Since-deleted userReddit. “I don’t care for the sick Mark episodes. Mark is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. It hurts to look at these episodes.” Elsewhere, u/DannyC990 u/BtldtaatwBoth agreed with this assessment. “Can not watch Mark dying and his episode ‘On the Beach,'” u/Btldtaatw said. “I cried enough the first time.”

Interestingly, the original poster of the question noted that she skips “On the Beach”She prefers Mark’s last regular appearance on another episode. u/lfc_annie wrote, “I skip ‘On the Beach’ because I think the scenes of him leaving the ER + the letter [were] the best farewell for him.”


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