Fans left open mouthed as new Woolpack pub owner REVEALED; plus EastEnders & Coronation Street news

EastEnders: Ben reunites with husband Callum (continued…)

Later Sharon went to see Ben to give him some advice.

She told him how losing husband Dennis destroyed her – and forced her to fake it until she made herself happy again.

It got through to Ben – and he turned up at the Albert street party just in time to see Jack Branning arrest Callum for being a public nuisance or something.

But at the last minute as Jack began to arrest Callum – Ben arrived and put a stop to it.

“No, you’re going to arrest him? Then you can arrest me too. Why don’t you nick the lot of us as well? 

“What would you rather Jack – someone like me cowering away, being afraid of being hurt or broken, or someone like Callum being true to themselves and being proud and strong?”

With Stacey, Kim and Sonia stepping in to warn Jack that they’d tell Denise what a jobsworth he was being, Jack and the other police left.

Ben and Callum shared a kiss and reunited – but as Callum rejoined the party, Ben’s face fell.

Looking broken and terrified, he stared into the distance leaving fans worried he was bottling up serious mental health issues.

And they are worried about him. 


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