Fans Are Scratching Their Skes at the Harvest Festival Detail in Parks & Recreation

The Harvest Festival is assembled quickly. They manage to make it last seven episodes, so it doesn’t take up much of Season 3. In many episodes, the Harvest Festival is not even mentioned in any significant way. We are able to watch one of the most memorable episodes of the series, however. “Harvest Festival” finally arrives, featuring Li’l Sebastian in all his glory.

It was easy to put together and it is not difficult to remember why it wasn’t made into an annual tradition. It was held last year in 1987. It went well, despite some bumps. Why not make it an annual event?

Despite this, Leslie was busy with the seasons that came after. Leslie ran for city council and was faced with a difficult recall cycle. While the show may not have wanted to go back to the same well, she could have given the responsibility of starting the festival again to another person. It is always a good idea to have more Lil Sebastian.


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