Family Guy fans agree that this is the biggest scumbag on the show

Reddit user u/medialover00The poll asked the “Family Guy”The community will vote for the most scumbag character. The result was astonishing. Stewie Griffin (MacFarlane), earned 172; Lois Griffin (Alex Borstein), had 253, Mort Goldenman (557, John G. Brennan), while Peter Griffin took 952 (MacFarlane). This is followed by a massive jump by Glenn Quagmire, MacFarlane, and Brian Griffin, MacFarlane who took home approximately 2,400 (and 2,900 respectively). The Griffin family dog is the best, according to the people. “Family Guy” character.

Through his “Family Guy” tenure, Brian has done and said genuinely awful things to those close and unfamiliar to him — oftentimes for his own benefit. Evidently, his behavior has made him disliked by many fans, which is not surprising given the strong reaction to his unexpected death in Season 12. “Life of Brian.”After the episode aired and viewers watched him get hit by a car, people around the world pleaded for his return. But it didn’t happen after almost 130,000 petitions. Change.orgSee the legendary animated dog return to life.

Brian Griffin is not the most moral or selfless person, and many consider him a scumbag. But it is clear that he has his admirers. It doesn’t matter what you think, “Family Guy”Without him, we wouldn’t have the same.


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