Families Run for Cover in San Pedro Park Shooting – Los Angeles

When gunfire was getting closer to a Southern California park, families fled for cover.

Witnesses claimed that they heard several gunshots emanating from Peck Park in San Pedro at around 4 p.m. The park was home to about 500 people, some of whom attended the game and what police described the un-permitted car show.

“We were just sitting there chilling, enjoying our Sunday, and then we heard gunshots,”Brandi Harmon was present at the baseball game. “I just started seeing people running. Next thing you know, the gunshots came closer and closer.”

Harmon ran down an embankment and tore his clothes in desperate search of safety.

“We were going down a cliff, and there were more gunshots going on, like they were coming toward us,”Harmon stated.

All seven victims were adults aged between 23 and 54 years. They all sustained gunshot wounds. LAPD said. Police said that one of the victims had been found on a field.

“I was scared,”Lecur Josey was at the park along with his 5-year-old son, according to a witness. “There were dead bodies. It was like a war zone. It was really bad.”

There were no arrests. According to police, multiple weapons were discovered in the park.

More details about the dispute that resulted in the shooting are available Peck ParkThese were not immediately accessible.

After shots were fired at the large San Pedro park where hundreds had gathered to watch a car show, a baseball game and other activities, two people were killed and five were injured.

“There were probably like 15 shots, and then a couple minutes later, like, 15 more shots,”NBCLA was informed by a witness. 

Police in tactical gear and fire-rescue personnel responded shortly before 4:45 p.m. at the park in the 500 block Western Avenue.

Park amenities include a swimming area, baseball field, swimming pool and indoor and outdoor courts for basketball. The park also has hiking trails and a child-care center. This park is one of four in San Pedro and was named after George H. Peck, a prominent land developer and landowner.


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