Facebook users complain that the app is experiencing GLOBAL issues.

FACEBOOK users from all over the world have reported issues with the app or website in the past.

Now, reports have dropped and Facebook has confirmed that “everything is OK”.


Facebook is facing issues according to frustrated users

Downdector was inundated by thousands of claims for problems.

Numerous countries, including the USA, Mexico, UK, and Italy, reported on these issues.

The Facebook Search feature was particularly popular with users.

A Facebook spokesperson said that they have checked with engineers and that everything appears to be working as it is now.

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Users of social media can report problems to an app even though they are having issues with their devices.

DowndetectorThe main problem was the Facebook website not functioning.

Twitter was flooded with complaints from users.

One person just tweeted: “Facebook down again.”

Another one: “Facebook search down rip”.

Another frustrated user asked: “FACEBOOK DOWN???”

At 12:01 ET, reports about problems in the US began.

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Social media users took to Twitter to share screenshots of error messages that they received via the Facebook app or website.

Facebook has removed Downdetector’s reports of problems.

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