Experts say Gatwick cancellations will cause flight cancellations that could result in as many as 4,000 flights to Spain and Portugal.

Experts say that Portugal and Spain will be hardest hit by the cancellations of 4,000 flights by Gatwick Airport over the summer.

Daily flights will be limited to 825 in July, and 850 August. This is in contrast to the previous year’s 900 per day.


Gatwick Airport will cancel thousands of summer flights

This means that up to 4,000 flights at the UK’s second busiest airport will be cancelled – ruining summer plans for an estimated 800,000.

The company stated that the decision was made after a thorough review of its operations. “temporarily moderating its rate of growth”For two months.

It also hopes to help passengers “experience a more reliable and better standard of service”The cuts.

The cancellations will cause travel chaos in Britain’s favorite holiday destination.

Paul Charles, chief operating officer of the travel agency PC Agency told The Telegraph: “It’s inevitable flights to Spain will be the worst hit.

“It’s very frustrating for consumers. Gatwick is under increasing pressure from airlines to cancel these flights immediately because the airlines will seek to reduce the compensation.

“If they give over two weeks’ notice they don’t have to pay compensation.”

He believes Portugal and flights to the South of France, namely Nice and Marseille are also high-risk.

It comes after just days after a disabled man left waiting on a plane fell to his death in Gatwick’s North Terminal after getting off without a helper.

A source said the passenger and his wife both required special assistance after their easyJet flight landed at the airport, but no-one came to his aid.

Gatwick claims that this latest bad news will help airlines manage their timetables more predictably and aid ground handling companies during school holidays. Gatwick also said that most scheduled summer flights will continue to operate as usual.

It was found that many of the London-based companies continue to operate without sufficient staff resources in the summer holidays period.

The airport warned passengers that delays, cancellations, and queues could occur if the problem was not resolved.

This comes just days after more than 150 flights were cancelled across the UK during a busy holiday week.

For several months, disruptions have affected airline passengers. The situation has been worsened by the increase in demand caused by the half-term school holidays and the four-day weekend.

EasyJet has cancelled 600 flights this month, while TUI has been forced to cancel more than 180 flights in June, affecting around six flights a day.

British Airways cancelled thousands flights in advance between March & October to avoid short-notice cancellations.

And a statement made by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Department For Transport (DfT) has urged airlines to cancel even more flights in advance, to avoid short-notice cancellations.

After letting thousands go during the coronavirus pandemic, staff shortages are causing cancellations in the aviation sector.

Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive of Gatwick Airport said that the airport was well prepared for international travel. He reopened his South Terminal successfully and he has now recruited 400 more employees to speed up security screenings.

“We work closely with our airlines to minimize disruption to passengers this season. While more staff will be hired in the coming weeks, it is expected that it will be busy.

“It is however clear that during the Jubilee weeks, a lot of airport companies struggled, in particular, due to staff shortages. We want to help ground handlers, as well as our airlines, to better match flying programmes with available resources by taking action now.

“As is the case with most flights this summer, we expect them to operate as normal. We have taken steps today so that passengers can expect a more reliable, better service and improved conditions for airport staff.

“I am immensely grateful to all our staff for their tireless work over the last few months to get the airport back up and running, and for helping get passengers away on their travels.”

Staff shortages not just at Gatwick but across the industry have caused chaos for months


Gatwick has been experiencing staff shortages for months, but the situation is not unique to this industry.Credit to Peter Jordan


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