Experts advise that you book plane tickets for summer vacations now, before the prices go up

Experts warn that you should book your summer holiday abroad as soon as possible.

As the year progresses, plane fares are likely to rise – and that’s not because of Covid.


Experts warn you to book your summer holidays as soon as possible or risk paying more

According to Travel PulseAirfare prices fell to an all-time low in 2021 because of travel restrictions and low demand.

According to a study, US flights have a higher average of achieving a “near-record low”Round-trip international flights are available at $649 and $234 respectively.

In the UK, airfares were as low as £3.49 with Ryanair launching a number of sales, while package breaks could be found for as little as £99.

Adit Damodaran is an economist at Hopper. Fortune: “The sharp rise in airfare also takes into account that airfares are unusually cheap right now (even accounting for seasonality) due to lower demand amidst the Omicron variant.”

This will change as more countries open up to Covid and the demand for it soars.

Demand will soar – UK tour companies saw a dramatic rise in bookings following the lifting of testing restrictions. But there will also be less available.

Some destinations, such as Benidorm were forced to close their hotels due to insufficient business.

Damodaran warned that plane fuel costs will increase, which rose by 60% last year. This will also impact fares.

He explained: “We expect higher jet fuel prices to contribute to higher consumer airfare for 2022.”

There is hope. Experts explain how to find cheap deals in the aftermath of a pandemic.

Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, told Fortune that while prices will be more this year than in 2021, there will still be cheap deals to be found.

He stated: “Airfare is the single most volatile purchase most Americans make, and so while many people will overpay for flights this year (and thus bump up average airfare), that doesn’t mean cheap flights will disappear.”

He suggested that bookings should be made as soon as possible, rather than making last-minute reservations. Airlines are constantly trying to fill empty seats.

If you don’t fancy going abroad this summer, the UK has some great deals, including Butlin’s breaks from £17.25pp and four-night Haven breaks for £49.

Both Covid and fuel prices will make flights cost more this year


This year, flights will be more expensive due to fuel and Covid prices.


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