Expert says Queen made a ‘highly important’ gesture of support to Prince Andrew.

Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent and royal author, claims that the Queen arrived at Prince Philip’s memorial ceremony assisted by Prince Andrew. “highly significant”

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Queen arrives with Prince Andrew at Prince Philip’s Memorial

The Queen signalled “a” “highly significant show of support”Expert says she is sacrificing her son Prince Andrew to Prince Philip’s service of remembrance today.

There were concerns about whether the monarch (95) would be able, after suffering a bout with illness, to attend the service at Westminster Abbey.

She decided, however, that she would attend the service in memory of her husband.

This was the first public break of cover by the Duke of York since his civil case.

Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent and royal author, says that the Queen was loyal until the very end to her husband.

The Queen arrives at Westminster Abbey to attend Prince Philip’s funeral service



She shared her story with Mirror “It was the very essence of her. Stalwart, dignified and loyal to her beloved husband to the very end — and beyond. This was an occasion the Queen had been determined to attend, despite her growing problems with mobility.

“If our hearts went out to her when she sat alone at the Duke’s funeral because of Covid rules, it was surely equally poignant to see her battle her frailty to give public thanks for his life.

“It was a question of mind over matter — and probably a considerable level of discomfort — for her to make the journey from Windsor Castle, where she now lives permanently, to London.

Today’s Prince Philip memorial service sees her son, Prince Andrew, escorting the Queen to her chair.



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“Almost 75 years since she walked down the long aisle of Westminster Abbey to become his wife, she took the shorter route, through a side door, to honour the man who had won her heart when she was just a teenager.

“She walked with a stick, and in a very significant gesture of support for Prince Andrew, she held his hand for stability. She is now sore in her shoulders and her back, but she considers this an important day.

“The decision about whether she would be able to make it to the Abbey was not made until the last moment. Even a couple of hours before the service, the Palace would only say that the Queen ‘intended to attend’.

Today, the Queen attends Westminster Abbey’s service.

“She is a proud woman and does not want to be seen in a wheelchair. This may, though, become inevitable.

“After looking through her bag, she found her glasses and opened the order of services. Instead of sitting down as one might expect, she stood at her family’s head. It was quiet and solemn.”

Meanwhile, Jennie says it has been tough few months for the Queen – but today she took her rightful place in the Abbey alongside royalty from across the world.

The royals attended the memorial service earlier in today



She continued: “In the year since his death the Queen has shown extraordinary fortitude, attending as many engagements as she could after the Covid lockdown ended. So many, in fact, that she was ordered to rest by her doctors. There was an overnight stay in hospital and tests to ascertain if there were underlying problems.

“She had to miss the Remembrance Service at Cenotaph, and the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey. We all grew to accept her using video calls for her meetings.

“In February, at one of her rare face to face meetings, she stood to greet two senior military officers but said: ‘As you can see, I can’t move!’

“If that wasn’t bad enough, she then caught Covid. She also had to face the accusations against Prince Andrew, stripping him of his royal patronages, military appointments, and other privileges.

“It has not been an easy year for our 95 year old monarch.

“Today, however, we witnessed her take her place amongst her extended familia, Kings and Queens from Europe and hundreds of people who shared in her love and respect of the man she called her ‘her strength, stay’.

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