Expert says Prince Harry called Kate Middleton “almost a prisoner at Kensington Palace”

Ingrid Seward, royal expert, says Kate Middleton would love to move to Windsor. After Prince Harry once claimed that she felt like a prisoner in Kensington Palace because of a lack freedom,

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Prince William and Kate Visit Cambridgeshire County Day

Prince Harry claimed that the Duchess was once his. “almost a prisoner”Kensington Palace: A royal expert has spoken.

Kate lives in London with Prince William, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Recent reports suggest that they could be moving to Windsor in the near future and living in Adelaide Cottage, Windsor.

Harry, her brother in law, also moved away from Kensington Palace and to Frogmore Cottage on Windsor’s estate.

Ingrid Seward a royal expert, author and consultant, believes the move will give Kate and her loved ones more freedom. This is especially after she was told by the duchess that she can’t walk in the parks.

Kate Middleton, who is reported to be moving to Windsor from Kensington Palace


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She said True Royalty TVThe Royal Beat on the move: “I think what William and Catherine will have for their children is the freedom they didn’t have at Kensington Palace.

“I remember Harry saying to a friend of mine that Catherine was almost a prisoner at Kensington Palace, and I thought don’t be ridiculous, it’s the most gorgeous place to live in London!

Prince Harry with his sister-in–law Kate Middleton



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“Then I thought, in a way they are prisoners, they have a beautiful house and garden but beyond that garden are hundreds of people every day and massive security.

“Because times have changed, Catherine isn’t able to walk in the park as Diana did.

“The only place to go is a field where the helicopters land, so you are very imprisoned. Everyone knows what you’re doing and where you are.”

William, Kate, their three children and their two spouses are moving to Windsor in the summer

It was reported that the royal couple would not move to Windsor, but will retain their Kensington Palace property as their London base. They also intend to keep Anmer Hall, which is said to be used regularly.

According to The Times, one friend told The Times that their plans to move to Norfolk after the children are grown was reportedly shared by another friend. “the school years”.

“They absolutely love it up there, it’s their happy place,”According to reports, the friend said it.

The couple will move to Windsor to be closer to their parents, who are located 45 minutes away in Bucklebury.

In time, the Cambridges might move into Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth has lived since Prince Philip’s death and the pandemic.

According to reports, Prince Charles doesn’t intend to spend as much time there once he is crowned king and will instead spend his reign at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Beat is available on True Royalty TV.

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