Exclusive Sneak Peek: Annie Rush and David Rush Prepare for Thailand’s COVID Lockdown

Annie Suwan, David Toborowsky, and Annie Suwan are trying to prepare for Thailand’s sudden COVID-19 lockdown. PopCulture.com gives you an exclusive peek at Monday’s new COVID-19 lockdown. David & Annie: After the 90 DaysThe 90 Day FiancéAs the Delta variant surges, a couple tries to keep everyone happy by trying to keep them all sane.

“I can’t take this lockdown at all,”Jordan, Annie’s brother, is complaining, and Amber, Annie’s niece, agrees. “It’s no fun. So freaking boring, right?”Jordan misses his parents, but Amber acknowledges that she is happy for him. “scared”They won’t be allowed to travel to the U.S. with these restrictions. 

The streets of Bangkok were almost empty four days later. Most shops had been closed and everyone stayed indoors. Annie and David, who are filming themselves, venture out to the grocery store to buy provisions to keep their family healthy and happy as they enter another week of lockdown.

“We’re going to the Family Mart, because last year when Thailand had a lockdown, you weren’t able to get alcohol,”David explains to the camera. “You couldn’t even buy alcohol for personal consumption, because they were afraid that people would party and not social distance.”Annie comments on the importance and joy of their journey. “Even though the government didn’t ban alcohol yet, we need to take advantage of it, because they ban alcohol, [we’re] f-ked!”

David is in agreement “I mean, this is terrifying because no alcohol, like what are you supposed to do? Just sit here and meditate?” Annie jokes, “Jack off?”Her husband laughed, reminding her that she is funny. “What are we married for? What are we gonna jack off for? I mean…”Annie and David first met in Thailand at Annie’s bar. They would later marry in Season 5. 90 Day Fiancé. They have been trying to bring Annie’s younger relatives to the U.S. since then. But this trip hasn’t been as successful as they hoped. David & Annie: After the 90 DaysMondays at 9 pm ET. ET on TLC


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