Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Bachelor’s’ Susie Evans

Clayton Echard made a huge impression on Susie Evans during the season premiere. The Bachelor. Additionally, she has a remarkable resemblance of former. Bachelorette Hannah Brown. There’s obviously more to Susie than just her gorgeous looks. So, keep reading to find out more about this bombshell after Clayton’s heart.

Meet Susie Evans The Bachelor

Cosmopolitan Here are some fun facts about Susie Evans. She is actually friends and a popular Bachelor alum. Susie won Miss Virginia Teen USA 2011 And Miss Virginia 2020. Caelynn Miller Keyes was also a Virginia pageant judge. This is how Caelynn became close friends with Susie. Dean Unglert actually said that Susie thinks she has what it takes either to win the final rose, or become the next. Bachelorette. 

Susie, 28, is a videographer for weddings in Virginia Beach. Her ABC bio says, “Susie loves to defy expectations and is looking for a man who will keep life interesting. What Susie finds sexy is a thoughtful man who prioritizes quality time and creating shared experiences. With Susie, loyalty is the bottom line and she needs someone she can trust to her core. Above all, she wants someone who will always be there to support and encourage her dreams no matter where those dreams take her.”

Susie Evans via Instagram

Susie dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker one day. She doesn’t like haunted houses. Plus, Susie is a  Jiu-Jitsu champion.

She says it on her Instagram: “Never doing what I’m supposed to.” She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinema Arts from Lindenwood University. Susie was also a performer at Tokyo Disneyland Resort and has been volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America ever since 2019.

Anyone can see that she loves her family as well as her friends by looking at her social media. She smiles all the time and looks great. Will she be able win Clayton over?

Everything You Need to Know About 'The Bachelor's' Susie Evans

What will her season bring?

Spoilers are out up to Clayton Echard’s final three ladies. However, we won’t spoil it here for those who don’t want to know. It’s safe to assume though that Susie will make it far. It’s clear that she has that shining personality.

Do you want Susie to love Clayton? Is it possible that she will receive his final rose?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss The Bachelor Monday Nights on ABC



Everything You Need to Know About 'The Bachelor's' Susie Evans
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