Every Marilyn Monroe Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Although it is not Monroe’s best comedy, or her best role as a gold digger, 1953’s was a great year. “How To Marry a Millionaire”This film is undeniably charming. The film that was shot the first time. CinemaScopeAlthough the first to be released is the Biblical epic, the second will follow. “The Robe”It is a Technicolor wonder that showcases three of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable are three of the characters who play three women on a mission: to marry wealthy men. They move into a luxurious New York City apartment to achieve their goal. Although they are surrounded by millionaires, their character is not as strong. They must choose between love and money.

It’s not a unique premise but the film’s predictable plot, starring Monroe, is buoyed by its charming stars. It’s an enjoyable film that sees Monroe, Bacall and Grable as best friends determined to climb to the top. The humor is still great. Monroe’s character as a gold-digger is not treated with disrespect or downplayed, which is a characteristic that is common in so many of her films. The excellent “The Gold Diggers of 1933,”The top women of “How To Marry a Millionaire”They are smart, charming, and most importantly, not condemned because of their money-hungry ways.


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