Every Dragon Ball Z Filler Episode You Can Skip

Skipping this one almost hurts. While the last few minutes show Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo heading to face the Androids, the rest of the episode is completely absent from the manga and doesn’t move the main story forward. Yet it’s also really fun, as it depicts Goku and Piccolo trying to get driver’s licenses and the hilarious antics they get into as a result. 

The premise is a little odd, of course, when you consider Goku and Piccolo have much faster ways of traveling. Sure, Goku could use a car for moving many items around and to avoid shocking people by teleporting into, say, a busy city, but Piccolo has even less use for a car since he rarely interacts with human civilization. Moreover, the episode does a pretty good of demonstrating that Chi-Chi is probably the one who would get the most out of having a license, especially since wild boars are less likely to mess with someone in a car than a person on foot. 

Still, the unusualness of “Goku’s Ordeal” (Episode 125) is part of its charm, and it’s bound to make you laugh at least a few times. If you like downtime episodes, try this one out, but if you’re in a rush or want to get to the big stuff, such as the arrival of the Androids, give this one a pass. You can always come back to it later, and the next episode, “The Androids Arrive,” recaps the important events.


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