Even Better Than ‘Squid Game’?

The South Korean zombie horror series All of Us Are Dead dropped on January 28, 2022, and is being compared to the hit series Squid Game. While the latter was gory and bloodthirsty enough, it looks like the new Netflix zombie horror will take over as a No. 1 series.

Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead

After the new South Korean zombie horror series All of Us Are Dead dropped on the streamer, fans were shocked by the bloodthirsty scenes. However, their shock is taken in a good way – in fact, fans can’t get enough of the series. Previously, Squid Game was the top series on the platform, but it looks like the new zombie horror could take over as tops.

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The zombie apocalypse show sees a group of students trapped in their high school when a zombie invasion begins. At first, everything seems normal, with kids playing rock, paper, scissors and generally acting like normal school kids. However, this soon changes as students transform into terrifying zombies. This leaves them all stuck in the high school, waiting for rescue.

Better than Squid Game?

Many fans on social media deem All of Us Are Dead to be the “next” Squid Game, while many believe the zombie horror is, in fact, better. Meanwhile, as of February 2 on Flixpatrol, the Netflix series soared to No. 1 on the top 10 list for non-English language TV shows. The zombie horror quickly attracted 124.79 million views in the following countries: South Korea, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Kuwait and Singapore. As for the US, UK, Jamaica and Romania, All of Us Are Dead came in second place.

Netflix's All of Us Are Dead is better than Squid Game?
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Meanwhile, the newbie is the fourth K-Drama to top Netflix’s charts for non-English TV series. Last year saw Hellbound, Squid Game and The Silent Sea soaring up the charts.
The Straits Times recalls that Squid Game has an all-time record of 1.65 billion hours viewed in just 28 weeks.

However, bear in mind that in its first week, Squid Game only attracted 63.2 million hours. As this is around half of the first week’s hours viewed for All of Us Are Dead, the new zombie horror still has a chance to beat it.

About All of Us Are Dead

The series is an adaptation of a zombie webtoon of the same name by Joo Dong-geun. Meanwhile, the show is set in Hyosan High School and tells the story of the students’ fight for survival. A virus originates from the school’s science lab, rapidly spreading around the school.

Netflix K-Drama zombie series All of Us are Dead
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The series resonates particularly with South Korean viewers who could compare it to their experience in the COVID-19 pandemic. They also recall the tragic sinking of the Sewol ferry in 2014. In that real-life incident, students were instructed to remain inside the ferry and then lost their lives.

Readers, have you watched All of Us Are Dead on Netflix yet? Do you think it is better than Squid Game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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