Erika Jayne, the Bruised-Up Erika Jayne Spotted Among Concerns to Behavior

Despite growing concerns about her behavior, Erika Jayne appears in a bruised state. As Television Shows AceAs previously reported, her mix of prescription drugs and alcohol has been a concern. Bravo’s star has been drinking more recently during the current season. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Erika gets so inebriated that she doesn’t remember what happens. The storyline has changed from her embezzlement case to her mental and physical well-being. The reality star admits that she’s not doing well and she is on new antidepressants, which she claims mix well with her cocktails. Both her fans and co-stars have concerns about her drinking.

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Erika Jayne is far from her glamorous self

In Wednesday’s episode of RHOBHErika Jayne was able to reflect back on her glamorous past. She acknowledged that she “had it all”Thomas Girardi was her then-husband. She did not know that she would lose it all when her husband died in November 2020. This led to explosive accusations about his lavish lifestyle.

Both Thomas and Erika have been accused of allegedly stealing money from Tom’s former clients to support their decadent needs. Erika Jayne must now work hard to achieve what she wants. She founded her hair extension company. The idea came out of her desire to wear extensions on tours.

Erika Jayne's Old Glamorous Life [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

In the latest photos, reality star appeared bruised. The Sun. Erika Jayne is now a keen runner and has taken up a new hobby to improve her health. She is looking to relieve her stress by kickboxing. She was followed by the paparazzi to the gym where she worked out with her trainer.

Erika Jayne was nothing like her previous self. She wore a black Tshirt and matching cycling shorts, no makeup. Bravo’s Bravo star kicked the man barefoot. Erika was covered in bruises. You can see the new photos here Here.

Is there the RHOBHStar boozing to much?

Erika Jayne walked out of the studio later with a smile on her face. She changed into a black Adidas track coat, which she paired it with black Nike sweatpants. Red lipstick was also worn by the singer. “As Seen On TV”Tote bag. Erika completed her look by adding a pink headband to the outfit and black Nike trainers.

She also covered her eyes with sunglasses. In the previous episode RHOBH, Erika had too much to drink at Diana Jenkins’ holiday party. She belted out in song during Asher’s performance. In another scene, Erika told Kathy Hilton why she skipped her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding.

Erika Jayne Drinking Too Much? [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

As she explained herself, Erika burst into tears. Erika confessed that she was a sexy woman. “didn’t wanna bring my scorn and my f***ing scarlet letter”The lavish event was a great success. Some of her RHOBHStars Garcelle Beauvais (Kathy), Lisa Rinna (Lisa Rinna) and Garcelle Beauvais (Garcelle Beauvais) expressed concern over her drinking habits. As for Kyle Richards, she doesn’t want to step into those muddy waters.

Erika Jayne’s kickboxing release of stress? What do you think? Do you think it’s good for her? What do you think about her incessant drinking? Comment below.

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