Episode 3 of Moon Knight has plot holes as large as Egyptian gods

Moon KnightEpisode 3 is available now Disney Plus, and it’s easily the wildest ride in the series so far. The episode is jam-packed with so many events that you have to stop and think about how they all connect to the rest. Some of the things that we see in Moon KnightEpisode 3 contains huge plot holes. That is, we can’t just accept them as they are without proper explanations.

Before we can tell you, it’s important to know this. Big Moon KnightEpisode 3 spoilers are below. This episode is the best.

Moon KnightAcceptable issues

The Moon KnightEpisode 3 opens with an unanticipated character. Layla (May Calamawy), speaks to someone about finding Marc Spector, (Oscar Isaac). We quickly find out that she’s in the office of a forger, who is getting her a passport so she can follow Marc to Egypt.

The passport dates

This is the place where the first Moon KnightA plot hole was found. Remember to pay attention, even to the smallest details, like passports. We learned that Marc survived the blip thanks to this detail. Infinity War.

Since Layla is getting a forged passport, the dates aren’t important. But Marvel’s special effects team simply isn’t consistent in these scenes.

This is a fake passport, so we don’t care about the actual date of issuance because it’s not real. But Marvel uses a 29/05/2019 date on the screen where Layla’s contact (her mother?) This creates the fake ID. The final document is issued on 29/05/2021. As such, the expiry dates have changed. The simple explanation for this is that Layla’s helper chose different dates off-screen.

Moon Knight episode 3 plot holes: Passport
Wrong passport dates in Moon Knight episode 3. Image source: Marvel Studios | Image source: Marvel Studios

Arthur Harrow’s omnipresence

Moon KnightEthan Hawke also advances Arthur Harrow’s character arc in episode 3. We see him find the long-forgotten burial place of Goddess Ammit, and then he is summoned by the Egyptian gods to a strange trial.

We learn of Harrow’s history with Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), an experience that drove him to embrace the promises of Ammit.

What doesn’t make sense are Arthur’s apparitions, though we’ll treat them as minor Moon KnightPlan holes

After years of searching for Ammit’s tomb, he’s finally found it. He can still follow Marc Spector around, however. His showing up in the scenes involving Senfu’s sarcophagus is especially annoying.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight.
Ethan Hawke portrays Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight. Image source: Marvel Studios

Arthur is needed to appear to destroy Marc and Layla’s only way to the tomb. Marc has been following him. However, it feels forced. It is possible that any of his assistants could have tried. You’d think Arthur would be more interested in being there for the dig than traveling back and forth to wherever Marc Spector is.

This is, however, a minor plot hole. Moon KnightEpisode 3. It brings us to the real big problem.

Moon Knight plot holes we can’t deal with

Nearly halfway through the episode we meet other Egyptian gods. They appear as avatars in Earth and are able to see everything, just like Khonshu.

But they’re not present on the planet. They wish to be here, but they were expelled by humanity. At the same time, they don’t want to interfere with anything. This is amazing, given what we’ve seen thus far.

The all-powerful gods

The simplest explanation is that they’re some powerful aliens who acted as gods on Earth a few millennia ago. Yet they can’t let go of the planet for some reason. This leads us to question the relationship of the Egyptian gods, Eternals, as well as the Celestials. Who is more powerful? Why is everyone so interested in this world?

These surprising details can be revealed in a variety of ways, as you can see. Moon KnightEpisode 3 is a plot hole. This is particularly true considering the obvious contradiction. These Egyptian gods don’t want to intervene on Earth, but they’re ready to do it if they think they have to.

Why are these gods hiding from the rest? We know that the Asgardians exist. Odin and Thor were not gods, but powerful aliens. The Thanos blip, which erased half the world for five years, is another example. This kind of event can cause massive changes in everyday life. Even for Egyptian gods who live in faraway places.

Moon Knight in front of a bus featuring the GRC MCU Easter egg
Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), in front of a bus with the GRC MCU Easter eggs. Image source: Marvel Studios

The ‘trial’Arthur

I can’t help but wonder why the gods can create instant portals between far-away places on Earth on a whim. You only want to see the planet, so why do you have all that power?

Arthur is not a threat despite all his power. His cult would likely have been found by a simple Google search. You don’t get this popular after the blip in the MCU without people talking about your powers and cult online.

These gods could have quickly discovered who Arthur is using the planet’s technology. They may have better ways to determine if he was lying. Just take over his mind, and see what’s inside.

Sure, the scene is terrific for surfacing Marc’s mental illness issues. But it’s still a significant Moon KnightA plot hole that is worth attention.

Furthermore, you don’t need to punish another god by trapping him in a clay statue when you have these incredible powers.

But it gets worse.

Moon Knight Super Bowl Trailer
Is that the MCU’s Batman? No, it’s Moon Knight. Image source: Marvel Studios

Khonshu’s massive space-altering powers

Khonshu forces a total eclipse so that the council of the gods meets up for Arthur’s trial. This behaviour shows how powerful this race is, especially if Khonshu has the ability to move the Moon at will.

It is accepted by everyone else.

Where are the world’s astrophysicists sounding the alarm to help mightier forces such as the Avengers? Or has the planet just gone numb after the recent waves of world-ending threats that they don’t care if the Moon has just moved on its own to block sunlight?

The situation gets worse when Steven (Oscar Isaac), Khonshu, and Steven (Khonshu), move the entire sky to allow the stars to return the Senfo-recorded positions.

Again… they’re changing the positions of massive space objects. From Earth. Everyone on Earth sees everything happening in the sky. While the special effects are excellent, it’s still a Moon KnightYou can plot a hole.

Khonshu isn’t just moving Christmas tree lights around a tree. He’s moving entire solar systems. That’s what we’re led to believe. This can have immediate, real-world effects on other planets that are teeming in life.

This behavior should trigger an action by the Avengers on Earth. The unexpected movement of these huge stars might be interesting to other powerful beings in the cosmos.

Having Khonshu imprisoned by the Egyptian gods simply isn’t enough.

Moon Knight episode 3 plot holes
Mr. Knight (Oscar Isaac), and Khonshu, (F. Murray Abraham), playing with the stars. Image source: Marvel Studios

The easiest way to explain it? Moon KnightLocate plot holes

With this information in mind, Moon KnightEpisode 3 is one of the most outrageous episodes in the series. That’s especially true given all these logic-defying moments. Marvel might very well deliver reasonable explanations for what we’ve just labeled as plot holes in the next Moon Knight installments.

It can be explained in the simplest possible way: Marc or Steven are imagining everything. We’ve been aware of this possibility since before the show’s premiere on Disney Plus. Oscar Isaac teased that we might have to watch the show a few times to determine what’s real.

Marc/Steven may have imagined large portions of what we saw. That includes Layla’s passport dates, the interaction with the gods, and the space events that Khonshu forced. Perhaps nobody moved the stars in space.

Otherwise, Moon KnightEpisode 3 will be a major head-scratcher. These plot holes won’t go away by themselves.

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