Employees Place 3-Year-Old Girl in Daycare Alone. She Endures Nightmares

Their daughter was at daycare when her parents came to pick her up. They were horrified by the shocking discovery. Their three-year-old child was locked inside—and she suffered shocking consequences. 

Employees looking after children must take extra precautions to ensure their safety. Little ones can be vulnerable and are more likely to end up in dangerous situations. 

Wallingford, Connecticut saw the unimaginable happen when daycare workers were negligent. Learn the story of a little girl and why her parents called 911. 

Bernadette Sorbo and her daughter. | Source: Youtube.com/WTNH News8


Bernadette Sorbo was surprised when she received a phone call from her ex-husband, Timothy McWade, in 2017. Timothy McWade called Bernadette Sorbo to inform her that he was returning to pick up Aubrie. He needed a code to gain entry to the building as nobody was there to help him. 

The YMCA daycare on the Choate-Rosemary Hall’s Campus was empty and quiet, so McWade wondered where his daughter was, but he could never have imagined what he was about to see. 

Aubrie McWade, Timothy McWade’s child. | Source: Youtube.com/WTNH News8


McWade walked around looking for his child before deciding to check the bathroom in her classroom. To his horror, he found his little girl in the stoep.

The presumed safe place for children failed Aubrie and her parents, and the experience scared Sorbo. 

She needed to be cleaned up, and he was at a loss for words. McWade couldn’t find where the daycare workers were so he called authorities to report the incident. As he tried to understand the situation, McWade was overcome with emotions. He called 911. :

“This is ridiculous. My three-year-old daughter is sitting on the toilet and all their workers left.” 


Sorbo came to the daycare to console and clean her crying child. She was able to recall the disturbing memory.

“It could have been hours that she was sitting on that toilet, and no one even knew that she was there.”

It was a puzzle to the mother that staff had left the daycare without looking at the sign-out sheets and didn’t realize Aubrie was missing. She Additional

“They’re saying that it was a systematic error and I don’t understand how that can be when you’re watching children.” 


Sean Doherty, the executive director of the Wallingford YMCA, responded to the incident stating that it was their mission to protect and promote children’s development while meeting their needs. 

He said they were doing everything to prevent this from happening againThey also stated that they were currently conducting an investigation. Doherty Not noted:

“We believe in the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.” 

Bernadette Sorbo and her daughter. | Source: Youtube.com/WTNH News8


Officials from Wallingford YMCA asked Sorbo what they could do to remedy the situation. The mother was grateful for the chance to interact with them and felt that they would listen to her suggestions. 

There was a recommendation to install new cameras. Sorbo also had a suggestion that would increase safety measures. She :    

“When a teacher loses track of someone, a child could just run out and push out. So maybe some kind of door where it’s not as easy for a child to get out.” 

Bernadette Sorbo and her daughter. | Source: Youtube.com/WTNH News8


Wallingford YMCA stated that the three people involved in the incident would no longer be working at their locations with children. It wasn’t clear whether the three individuals involved in the incident were fired or held other positions within different departments. 

While the parent community hoped that daycare workers would be more vigilant in the future, Sorbo would need to regain her trust. She witnessed the devastating effects of the incident on her child. Sorbo Share

“[My daughter] was up all night crying and upset about it. She would wake up in the middle of her sleep screaming for me or her dad and that was upsetting.”

Bernadette Sorbo’s daughter. Aubrie. | Source: Youtube.com/WTNH News8

It was a terrifying experience

The presumed safe place for children failed Aubrie and her parents, and the experience scared Sorbo. She

“That was scary. [My daughter is] not going back there, and as for daycare-wise—I don’t know if I can ever trust someone else with my children again.” 

Police said the incident didn’t warrant any criminal charges, but the parents wanted justice for their child. Aubrie’s parents felt terrible and angry following the incident, and only received a halfhearted apology. 

What do YOU think about daycare’s actions, and do you think their response to the incident was sufficient, considering a child’s life was placed in danger? 

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