Emotional Adele shares backstage photos as she enjoys’song inspired cocktails’

Adele shared photos showing her sipping cocktails inspired by her songs, as she celebrates the release of her new album, 30,

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Adele opens up about her struggle with divorce and being a single mom

Adele shared backstage photos with her fans as she celebrated the 30-year-old release of her new album.

After years of being out of the spotlight, Simon Konecki’s divorce has seen her 33-year old singer go into promotional overdrive.

During an interview with Oprah, she spoke about this “devastating” period in her life. The chat was broadcast on CBS Sunday.

When she was reflecting on her relationship to her ex-husband, the woman said: “I think Simon probably saved my life, to be honest and came at such a moment where the stability that him and [son] Angelo have given me, no-one else would ever been able to give me.”

Adele has posted intimate snaps behind-the-scenes photos to her Instagram



Adele continued: “Especially at that time in my life I was so young and I think I would have got a bit lost in it all of it.

“It was easy to have gone down dodgy roads and been self-destructive. But he came in and was stable.”

Now, she was in more of a party mood as she toasted her new album with friends in pics that she shared with her 44 million followers on Instagram.

Adele showed off her svelte figure, after losing seven stones in the past couple of years, as she wore a see-through dress which was embossed with a golden and bronze floral pattern.

Adele performed new songs in a CBS TV special


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Another snap shows her making a funny face while she cups her breasts as the final fitting takes place behind-the scenes.

This pic shows Adele enjoying her return back to global fame. She is also embracing her return after she expressed concerns about her singing ability after falling to low points in the wake her divorce.

Adele, who had told Oprah that Adele had been sober for a while and was now drinking water to regain control of her life following the split of her marriage, was delighted to present the cocktail menu at the album celebrations. The names of the drinks were inspired by Adele’s songs.

Adele opened up about her feelings to OprahWinfrey



Adele’s fans shared a photo of the menu card so they could see that there were options between Aperologetically Adele Spritz and. “Stumbling in the dark for a hand” ’n’ Stormy, “I Drink Wine” Spritzer, Judy Garland Inspired Standard and My Little Love ‘Tail.

Adele captioned the gallery of photos, saying that it was an emotional evening. “Cocktails and Crying all round.”

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