Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley create an IG account for their baby girl

Emmy Medders, Chase Chrisley and a baby boy were a significant step in their marriage. As TvShowsAce According to reports, Emmy and Chase became parents in April this year. Emmy was the one that posted pictures and videos of their newborn baby on Instagram. It was evident from her photos and videos that she had shared this baby girl, Emmy, with Chase. Now for those who didn’t originally catch this story when it first came out. Chase and Emmy adopted a puppy as their baby girl. They named their puppy Minnie Medders.

As well, TvShowsAce According to reports, Chase Chrisley was given the puppy by a breeder who claimed to have traveled to deliver it to Emmy and Chase. Emmy’s dog was not mentioned. The dog is assumed to be shared by the couple.

Chase Chrisley – Instagram

Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley’s baby girl on Instagram

Emmy Medders posted on Instagram about their decision to create another profile for their baby girl. In her Instagram Stories, she stated that anyone who wants to see more about their Minnie could visit the new account. The account currently has one post and just over 100 followers. Emmy and Chase did upload short videos to Instagram Stories with their little girl.

The profile picture of the new Instagram account reads as follows: “miniature long haired dapple dachshund.”

Emmy/Chase - Instagram
Emmy/Chase – Instagram

Minnie Medders’ first Instagram post

The profile’s first post was an introduction. It featured a snapshot of Emmy and Chase’s baby girl sitting on a sidewalk. Their little furbaby was looking directly at the camera with her head slightly tilted.

“Hi everyone! I’m Minnie Medders,” The caption isAttached to the end is a bow-and-white heart emoji

The photo was only liked 75 times, including a like by papa Chase and mama Emmy. Being such a small and new account, the small reaction and the limited number of comments wasn’t too shocking.

Emmy Medders Chase Instagram
Emmy Medders Chase Insta

Please comment Chrisley Knows Best fans gushed about how adorable Emmy and Chase Chrisley’s baby girl is. Fans were delighted to see more Minnie content. The couple made this account because they loved it.

Did you know Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders had their baby girl together? What do YOU think of the name Minnie Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Keep checking back for the latest Chrisley Knows Best news.

Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley create an IG account for their baby girl
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