Emmanuel Macron, projected winner in French elections

Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election.

According to projections, a run-off between incumbent Emmanuel Macron & far-right candidate Marine Le Pen ended in a vote of 58.2 for Macron.

Le Pen announced her resignation but stated that her results were still a personal victory. She will fight for the French people.

Macron, 44, was the first French president to be elected in May 2017. He will now serve his second term. He is the only French president to win reelection. The last was in 2002.

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When Macron was first elected, the investment banker-turned-politician promised to reform labor laws and improve France’s economy.

Macron’s election proposal was to improve the economy and foreign relations.

The race was intense and had high stakes for the French people. Macron spoke of his desire to make France stronger and more involved in NATO and the EU. Le Pen says the exact opposite.

Le Pen, 53, ended with 41.8 per cent of the vote. This is significantly more than her 2017 election results where she lost to Macron.

Le Pen is the leader and far-right party’s National Rally. She is also known for controversial statements. Although the 53-year old had softened her image, her campaign was heavily anti-immigration.

France: Supporters react to the news of Emmanuel Macron’s victory
THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images

France’s voting system operates in two rounds. The first is where voters cast their initial vote. A second round can be established if no candidate receives 50% of the votes.

Only those candidates with the highest number of votes will be eligible to participate in the second round. The winner is determined by the candidate with the most votes.

The second round of voting produced a lower turnout this year than the first.

In the hour to come, official votes will be counted

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