Emma Johnston Sends a Special Message to Fans for 3 Year Anniversary

7 Little JohnstonsEmma Johnston, star of the movie “The Last Dance”, posted a message to fans recently Instagram. The Etsy shop is a success and she sells handmade jewelry. Her brand Rings ‘n Things boasts several 5-star reviews and also has a dedicated InstagramAccount with 68,000+ followers She is now marking this milestone with a special message.

Emma Johnston thanks her fans for her three-year anniversary

The reality start started her journey as an entrepreneur on July 9, 2019, and celebrated her brand’s three-year anniversary. In her InstagramStoryTLC’s TLC star, Cathy, shared her memories of the business’s launch.

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She captioned the photo. “Wanna say thanks for everyone for buying my jewelry & how crazy it’s been 3 years since I’ve had this business running. Happy 3 years!”

Three years ago, reality star uploaded a series photos showing off her handmade jewelry. The caption was included. “Guess what, guys, I have started my own business! I make rings, earrings, and things. Go check out @emmasringsnthings.”

Emma shares photos from her Spokane Conference visit

The TV personality celebrated her 17th birthday recently on July 1. She also shared an InstagramA story featuring the portable photo printer her parents gifted to Emma. Emma also took several videos and photos from her visit at the LPA Conference in Spokane.

Emma Johnston Sends a Special Message to Fans for 3 Year Anniversary

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Emma Johnston appears on the TLC Show 7 Little JohnstonsIt began airing in 2015 and has been running ever since. It was renewed for Season 12 by the reality series. It will return to television on August 16, 2022. The show centers around Amber and Joseph Trent Johnston, and their five children. As per TLC, they are the world’s largest known family of achondroplasia dwarfs. This genetic disorder affects one’s bone growth, hence affecting their height.

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However, through the years, the family has demonstrated that size doesn’t matter; all that matters is love. Fans have shown their love and admiration for them. Emma was adopted from a Beijing orphanage. The 17-year old loves to dance, just like many teenagers. TikTok.

Johnston Family Reunion with Exchange Student Joose Jeskanen

Joose Jskanen, a student exchange from Finland, was also featured on the show. He was loved by the fans, and thankfully, he’s back on the show for a while. Trent Johnston, the family patriarch, also shared a few of his stories. InstagramPosts from the LPA National Conference, Spokane (Washington). He also said that he was able to have a conversation with LPBW star Matt Roloff and Our Little Family star Dan Hamill.

Amber And Joseph Johnston YouTube

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Trent shared another photo of Joose’s family. The caption he added to the post was: “Look who’s back! Joose and his lovely Momma.”

Emma has made great strides in her entrepreneurial journey, despite the challenges she faced with her neurological language disorder. Here’s hoping her business jets off to achieve higher highs and inspires all dealing with similar health or structural issues.

Are you passionate about the 7 Little Johnstons? Have you ever shopped from Rings ‘n Things? Comment below and congratulations on three years!

Emma Johnston Sends a Special Message to Fans for 3 Year Anniversary
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