Emma Johnston Says That She’s ‘Pretty Liter’ While Partying Hard See Video

7 Little Johnstons Emma Johnston, the star of The Voice, has been having a wild week. As she gave fans a peek into all of the fun times she’s had, she revealed that she was “pretty lit.” Keep reading to see what the Johnston family has been up to and check out Emma’s video.

7 Little Johnstons Stars have a great week.

Emma and her family had a busy week. It looks like they had a lot of fun. Emma’s latest partying video is proof of that.

The festivities run from July 1st-8th 7 Little Johnstons Spokane, Washington – The family joined many other small people. They attended the Little People of America Conference. They were reunited with Joose Jeskanen who was their exchange student and flew from Finland to attend the event.

The Roloffs of TLC’s Little People, Big WorldThe conference was attended by many others. Tori Roloff confessed that the entire family was tired after the event’s week-long duration. Emma Johnston appears to be exhausted from the week-long fun.

Emma Johnston has a brand new video. ‘lit’It is not easy to party.

Emma made a video while she was having fun with her old and new friends. She then uploaded it to YouTube InstagramStories for fans to see.

The video below shows you exactly what Emma was doing. In the video, you can see Emma’s face for just a second. She danced and jumped while bright lights lit up the room. Loud music was playing over the speakers. She then turned the camera around and saw that she was dancing with a large crowd.

In addition to sharing the video, she also wrote “Oh yeah!!! Pretty lit here.”

It looks like Emma Johnston and the rest of her family truly enjoyed their time in Spokane, Washington at the Little People of America Conference. They shared their excitement on social media, stating that they look forward to the next conference.

Below you will see some photos of Emma Johnston and Anna Johnston on the dance floor together.

Anna Johnston Instagram

Emma Johnston Instagram, Anna Johnston

Emma and Anna weren’t the only Johnstons on the dance floor. Fans were surprised by Mom Amber Johnston’s booty-slapping action.

So, what do you think of Emma Johnston’s video as she partied hard? Do you feel glad that Emma Johnston and her family had such a great time at the conference, or are you not? Please share your thoughts with us. Plus, don’t miss the 7 Little Johnstons TLC’s Season 12 premieres next month.

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