Easy iPhone hack slashes £22 a month from your bills – it takes seconds

A CLEVER iPhone trick could save you £22 every single month.

If you’re a big Apple fan the savings will be higher – it all depends on what apps you love to use.

You can bundle together up to six services through Apple One


Apple One lets you bundle up to six servicesCredit to Apple

The trick is easy and takes only a few seconds.

Apple One is a subscription that bundles several popular iPhone subscriptions together.

Because you are able to subscribe to multiple services at once, the deal offers a significant discount.

The premium bundle wraps together several services like Apple Musicand iCloud storage.

In 2020, Apple One was actually launched.

But as Apple’s services (like Arcade and TV+) add more content, it’s now better value than ever.

Subscribe to several of our services if you are already a subscriber Apple services, this could be a clever way to cut your iPhone bills.

All of this can be done from your iPhone.

What is included with Apple One?

Apple One is comprised of six subscriptions.

These include:

  • Apple Music – a music streaming service
  • Apple TV+ – a TV and movie streaming service
  • Apple Arcade – a premium video gaming service
  • iCloud+ – a cloud storage and security service
  • Apple News+ – a premium news service
  • Apple Fitness+ – a video-based personal training service

Apple One subscriptions may not include all six services.

Only the top four are available as the cheapest option.

What is the cost of Apple One?

It all depends on the tier that you choose.

There are three options available: Premier, Family and Individual.

Music, TV+, Arcade, and iCloud+ are the first two.

Family lets you share up to five devices and gives you 200GB of iCloud storage instead of 50GB.

Upgrade to Premier and your iCloud storage skyrockets to a whopping 2TB.

You also get Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and more.

Here are the monthly costs for each tier:

  • Apple One Individual – £14.95
  • Apple One Family – £19.95
  • Apple One Premier – £29.95

Is Apple One really a good value?

Let’s start by looking at what an Apple subscription costs.

  • Apple Music – £9.99
  • Apple TV+ – £4.99
  • Apple Arcade – £4.99
  • iCloud+ – £0.79 (50GB), £2.49 (200GB), £6.99 (2TB)
  • Apple News+ – £9.99
  • Apple Fitness+ – £9.99

You can save money if you subscribe to them all.

You might not get your money’s worth if you only subscribed to one or two of the services.

Apple One may be worth looking into if you want to get a few more services.

Below are the official Apple monthly savings, based on your tier.

  • Individual – save £5.80
  • Family – save £7.50
  • Premier – save £22

You can mix and match services to see if Apple One is better for you.

Prices in this article may have changed from the time they were written.

Do your research before you make any purchase.

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Easy iPhone hack slashes £22 a month from your bills – it takes seconds

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