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June Brown’s on-screen son John Altman remembers how she saved his daughter’s life

John Altman, EastEnders’ star, has recalled how June Brown saved his daughter from drowning. He also remembered how he thanked her. “profusely”Thank you for saving the day.

This week, it was announced that Brown, who is best known for her role as Dot Cotton in the BBC soap, has died at 95. She was accompanied by her family.

The Metro reports that Altman, who played Brown’s on-screen son ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton, stressed how grateful he was when she saved his daughter Rosanna’s life during a holiday in Gibraltar during the early 90s.

Rosanna, six-year-old at the time, went straight to bottom of the pool, while Altman briefly turned to face a table and spoke to some guests.

“June, who was facing the pool, said, ‘I think that was Rosanna, dear.’ I leapt to my feet. Rosanna was nowhere to be seen,”He stated.

Altman claimed that he was “thanking June profusely”After getting the child out, he added: “God bless June. I’ll always feel indebted to her.”


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